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Bug Fixes

Thursday 1st August 2017

The option to colour accents in Dance rhythms - or any other rhythms with skipped beats (Ctrl + 228) was colouring the wrong text - usually later on the page - and also the accents were often shown with strange symbols.
- fixed

Gradually Changing Tempo etc (Ctrl + 42) had no way to use more than two tempo zones until you switch to advanced mode in the Opts menu - now it has a check box "SHOW SIMPLE TEMPO MAP" so you can switch between the two in both modes.
- fixed

Monday 3rd July 2017

3D Bounce - Overview (Ctrl + 298) wasn't included in the + menu for the 3D Bounce window and related windows
- fixed.

The option "Arrow keys continue to adjust TEMPO ETC" in Bouncing Balls - Visuals - Controls, Text and layout (Ctrl + 233) disables arrow keys to move pc keyboard region in w258 - and the right click menu when you play an instrument to select it for a part or beat in Bouncing Balls - Visuals - Controls, Text and layout (Ctrl + 233) was confusing in the case where the part has only one beat, or there's only one part, or both
- fixed.

Sunday 2nd July 2017

3D Bounce (Ctrl + 224) - if the controls are hidden, the play buttons appear briefly on stop play
- fixed

Instruments (Ctrl + 8) - when you resize the window, the background skin doesn't resize. This is for the skin set to "Auto rescale texture to individual windows" in Skins (Ctrl + 162).

New option, prest to "on": "Glitch prevention timer" in most version of Bounce Options (Ctrl + 220) - to try to fix a bug causing the bounce to stop animating in rare situations where 100% of the CPU is in use by a low priority process like Windows Defender. Windows stops sending timer messages to Bounce Metronome in that situation - this option fills in with simulated timer messages so the animation should continue (hopefully)

Blank area at the top of PC Keyboard (Rectangular) (Ctrl + 136) and Play Percussion from PC Keyboard (Rectangular) (Ctrl + 258)
- fixed

If you have keyswitches from the Lambdoma keyboard switched on in Play Keyswitches from PC keyboard, on-screen keyboard or via midi in (Ctrl + 268) then they get played whenever you play a note on Play Percussion from PC Keyboard (Rectangular) (Ctrl + 258), not just in PC Keyboard (Rectangular) (Ctrl + 136)
- fixed.

Friday 16th June 2017

I'd accidentally disabled some of the tool tips for graphical controls within the Bouncing balls window and the tempo dial with yesterday's upload
- fixed.

More Midi File Options. (Ctrl + 107) resolution error shown incorrectly if negative as Resolution error 0 % 0 bpm
- fixed

Thursday 15th June 2017

Installer wasn't backing up previous .exe files as dated files on installation (a feature used to make it easier to roll back).
- fixed

If not set to separate texture for main window, and set to animated skins, then the option "Auto rescale texture to main window" had no effect - fixed

Nature skin looks pixelated - was because it maximized the texture to fill the entire window
- fixed

Woodgrain skin and others not using the separate main window skin for the bouncing balls in main window.
- fixed

Was very slow for drawing music font notes on additive rhythms with lots of measures.

Many of the buttons used lowercase for pi instead of PI which is a bit confusing
- fixed

The text showing time, measure reached etc at the top of any of the Bounce windows, e.g. 2D Bounce (Ctrl + 219) was coloured according to the currently highlighted part for the blocks and tempo dial - a bit confusing because there is no logical connection of the time or measures reached to any of the parts, and it's not near them physically on the screen. So, now is just coloured the same as part 1 whichever part is highlighted. That's normally dark blue with the default of blue for part 1.
- fixed

In the same window, then if you have both time and measures shown and separate measures for each part - or any long line like that, it overlaps the tempi for individual parts even if set to show only two parts in separate sections in the window. Made the text multi-line - will still overlap but only if you have lots of parts
- fixed - reasonable work around for now anyway.

When you use up and down arrows to step between notches in the tempo dial - wasn't snapping to the nearest notch
- fixed

Bouncing Balls - Visuals - Controls, Text and layout (Ctrl + 233) for the option "Notes symbols for EVERY BEAT", the options to show the measure or time on top when unselected made the measure or time just vanish because there's nowhere to put them on the blocks - fixed by automatically putting them on top, adding a note to say so, and hiding the option to show on top as a check box.
- done

Beats Counting System (Ctrl + 246) the option "COUNT INCREASES UNTIL ALL MEASURES LINE UP - for polymeters, && fractional beats per measure" sometimes didn't work okay with polymeters
- fixed

Show All Parts (Ctrl + 9) etc - if you click on one of the lists and type, it should select the entry matching what you type - E.g. keep typing 1 and it goes through all the entries starting with 1 in turn. But it was jumping forward two or three entries at a time making it confusing to see what was going on
- fixed

Tune Script (Ctrl + 171) and Tune Script Opts (Ctrl + 187) were missing from the Rhythmicon. There was a line of code excluding them specifically so I must have decided to do this long ago in an early version of Bounce, but it didn't have a comment to explain why - so I don't know why I did that. Anyway - some scripts could be useful for the rhythmicon such as tempo following a sine wave so with Bounce as it is now, no reason to exclude these windows
- fixed

Beats Counting System (Ctrl + 246) "Start at number of beats in measure, e.g. 12, 1, 2, 3 for Flamenco "Clock"", and "COUNT INCREASES UNTIL ALL MEASURES LINE UP - for polymeters, && fractional beats per measure" weren't working correctly for some polymeters
- fixed

Also with the Rhythmicon - wasn't clear what to do when you first navigate to this featured setup - just edited the text in the main window to explain it starts silent and you have to first click "Play sound" then type numbers or letters to play or silence parts
- fixed

Polyrhythmic Drum Machine (Ctrl + 269) - fixed several bugs in this window, and also - now auto erases intelligently instead of just erasing everything if, e.g. you increase the number of measures.

Midi Output Channels for Parts and Polyphony (Ctrl + 60) Assign channels evenly wasn't working. Also didn't take account of the non melodic percussion channel (if set)

Option "Blocks alternate in colour" in 2D Bounce - Other Visuals (Ctrl + 225) wasn't working well with skipped beats (sometimes showed consecutive notes as either both coloured or both not coloured)
- fixed

Some rhythms combining golden ratio or PI/4 etc with ordinary time signatures played incorrectly and out of sync with sounds
- fixed

If 2D Bounce is set to show Skin as the background - then it shows the skin half scale in the main window if set to scale the textures to individual windows.
- fixed

The entry "Bounce conducting patterns" in the droplist above the bounce window was confusing because many of the options in the droplist below it are not conducting patterns. Renamed to "Bounce - conducting or custom patterns"

The featured setup "Additive rhythms like 3 + 2 + 3 / 4" was playing an extra beat in the middle of the measure if you had an additive rhythm that had a 6 beat measure in it - was because it wasn't switching off the hidden "compound time" check box (would also affect rhythms with 9, 12 or any other multiple of 3 beats)
- fixed

Make Euclidean Rhythms (Ctrl + 271) info window was editable - shouldn't be as it has no effect. Also - now remembers it on close and reopen window.

Tap rhythm main window was recording flams for space bar and playing notes for right click end bar
- fixed - also now explained better how to do it.

If you use the Windows installer to update Bounce Metronome on your Mac, it shows various options not relevant to the Mac and also created non functional desktop shortucts on the Mac - installer now tests to see if it is on a Mac and if so removes those options

Doesn't show any menu tips if you go to the menu after clicking on a droplist - or if you show the window for the first time and the default control in the window selected for keyboard focus is a droplist
- fixed

If set to show the skin as the sky texture in 2D Bounce - Images or Animations - for Sky and Bouncing Balls (Ctrl + 236) and set to scale the skin texture to indiviudual windows - often rescales it incorrectly in 2D Bounce (Ctrl + 219) (though okay in main window)
- fixed.

Also in same situation if you choose Opts (menu) >> BOUNCE & TEMPO STRIP in Main window - then the texture for the bouncing balls does not join seamlessly to the rest of the main window.
- fixed.

If you have it set to show Tempo for highlighted part in the main window, then the musical note symbols shown next to the list of tempi in the bounce display are shown incorrectly, all showing the note symbol for the currently highlighted part.
- fixed

If you have busy waits switched on in Midi Timing Tweaks for Accuracy (Ctrl + 261) then Start Play at Any Time (Ctrl + 165) doesn't work - fast forwards to desired time and then just sits there stuck at the desired time or measure
- fixed

More Midi File Options. (Ctrl + 107) - the text showing progress of the midi save didn't say clearly when the midi save was completed
- fixed

Dance rhythms - or any other rhythms with skipped beats (Ctrl + 228) - auto beaming was removing new lines in the rhythm in some circumstances
- fixed.

Same window - the 4 stroke roll preset had an extra eigth note and the Syncopated African Polyrhythm Example for 4:3 had some missing notes
- fixed

Same window - when it auto converts a rhythm to music notation, doesn't update the title in the Example Rhythms drop menu as it does for rhythms you edit yourself.
- fixed

Same window - not always updating the Bouncing Balls display on click remake
- fixed

Same window - sometimes loses a tied note on convert to "O notation" and back, can also end up with a normal tie where it should be a tie beneath a semiquaver beam
- fixed

2D Bounce (Ctrl + 219) - Wrong choice of coloured text - often same colour as blocks - if set to switch off faded blocks in 2D Bounce - Other Visuals (Ctrl + 225) combined with blocks alternating in colour - or indeed if not set to alternating colour but gradient fill - note at start of beat invisible
- fixed

Same window - only shows tied notes on first beat for first part (doesn't show a note symbol at all for tied note otherwise) - fixed.

More Midi File Options. (Ctrl + 107) For compound time signatures auto set the clocks per quarter note to 36. That seems to be just a mistake, in some code I wrote years ago - the default is 24 and I can't find anything about setting it to any other number. So just did it so it always auto sets the clocks per quarter note to 24.
- fixed

On Screen Keyboards - Volume Sensitivity etc (Ctrl + 24) - not really a bug, but deals with a possible confusion. If user selects "Each new part starts same position" when the keyboard is set to show a single part, displays: - "SAME EFFECT AS CONSECUTIVE, because keyboard is set to a single part"
- fixed

Skins (Ctrl + 162), if set to "Auto rescale texture to fit main window" and you then resize the main window, it should resize the textures for all the other windows right away and doesn't (example for "neptune_dark_spot" skin).
- fixed

Organise windows (Ctrl + 51) on click "Show now" does "Step through" message, on alternate clicks.
- fixed

Floating Play Tool Bar (Ctrl + 170) Mac bug - play bar wasn't staying on top
- fixed

Rhythms using MUSIC NOTATION - Drum andand Dance, also Rhythm phasing etc... (Ctrl + 272) Immediately after click roll (in place of previously made rhythm) shows inconrrect smallest note value in that window - need to auto update it when the roll is made.
- fixed

{w272}} When you make rolls, euclidean rhythms etc, not getting a message to say this erases your existing music notation rhythm
- fixed

Message you get from changing from one to another metronome type in the main window was unclear about how to change without doing the resets
- fixed

Make Euclidean Rhythms (Ctrl + 271) - when you make a rhythm combining several rhythms the description field shows all the rhythms (used to show only the first)
- fixed

Polyrhythmic Drum Machine (Ctrl + 269) drum machine on change number of bars, subdivisions etc not clearing beats until the "beats per bar" is edited to another number and back
- fixed

Not doing always doing resets for drum machine:
- fixed

Multiple Undo and Backup History Trails (Ctrl + 38) Ctrl + Shift + Z for multiple undo sometimes not working - after you do the undoes, sometimes it won't let you redo, and sometimes won't let you undo.
- fixed

Skins (Ctrl + 162) - if you choose a large amount for image rescaling, then it can cause your computer to stop responding while it does the rescaling - and is most likely to be a text input error. Fixed by adding a message warning the user if they enter a value higher than 1000% for the main window or individual windows or animation frames rescaling.
- fixed

Main window, on select "Tempo from Note Value in droplist, tempo dial doesn't immediately update
- fixed

Friday 28th October 2016

If you select "Acoustic grand piano" or type 0 e.g. in Show All Parts (Ctrl + 9) to select the 0th instrument in the menu, then it doesn't play the instrument for the option to preview the instrument while typing its name (everything else is fine, just don't hear it played as you type).

Tuesday 18th October 2016

When you move the main window with other windows attached to it, doesn't show "Moving nnn attached windows" in the title, or does show it but then doesn't remove it when you stop moving the main window. Also glitches with other windows showing the title as moving attached windows when there are no windows attached after moving a window with attached windows
- fixed

When you edit the text in Dance rhythms - or any other rhythms with skipped beats (Ctrl + 228) then the text in the main window for Music Notation - Drum & Dance etc flickers a lot between highlighted and unhighlighted
- fixed

Saturday 8th October 2016

When set to play tempo and rhythm changes in Automatic Tempo and Rhythm Changes (Ctrl + 245) you may find that the instrument for part 1 changes to the instrument shown if you switch on "Play note at start of each cycle on" - even if that option is switched off. Also if this is set to play a wave shape player instrument may not get any sound unless the wave shape player is playing in one of the parts as well.
- fixed

When the volume of a part is set low, then it's not clear which parts are hidden in 3D Bounce (Ctrl + 224) - fixed by doing it so that you just see the colour triangle instead of full colour whether the volume is high or low. There's a volume bar next to it so you no longer need to see the colour patch down to the volume line to see the volume for the part
- fixed

In Automatic Tempo and Rhythm Changes (Ctrl + 245) if Gradually Changing Tempo etc (Ctrl + 42) changing tempo is switched off, need to click the button a second time to make the tempo and rhythm progression into tempo zones.
- fixed

Ctrl + 113 didn't bring up window 113 as it should - had no effect

Various bugs in the user interface for making a custom non melodic percussion menu in Edit Instruments menus (Ctrl + 157)

The Bounce Metronome freeze detector log to disk of all the messages shown to you while the program is running - this is for diagnostics in event of a freeze - wasn't deleting that when you close the program normally. Result is that your "Bug Reports, Messages Etc" folder has a record of every message that Bounce has shown to you since you first ran it, instead of just a record of the messages shown to you at times when it froze (if it did). Have done it so that first time your program runs after this update, it will delete all those old log files. The files deleted are ones with file names:
Bounce Metronome - COPY (2) - Freeze Detector Message Log*.txt
Bounce Metronome - COPY - Freeze Detector Message Log*.txt
Bounce Metronome - Freeze Detector Message Log*.txt
which are also in your "Bug Reports, Messages Etc" sub folder of your Bounce Metronome folder
- fixed

Tuesday 13th September 2016

This first one affects people with high dpi screens like the surface pro, when you show the window to adjust individual beats in a rhythm then it will reshow all Bounce windows with smaller font which can make them hard to read.
- fixed

The diagnostics window which shows up if you haven't got enough channels available to play all the notes, with pitch bend retuning, may not show up in some circumstances.
- fixed

This will affect hardly anyone - but if you use the new feature to set the volumes for individual notes for custom multi-instruments, then you may get a variety of different glitches from then on. I didn't spot it before as you get those glitches only after closing the program and starting it up again or re-opening a saved project. So long as your project or .ini file contains a multi-instrument with varied volumes for the beats then the program can behave in a glitchy way such as forgetting settings or blank graphics. If anyone was affected by that then resetting the settings or opening another project would fix it, and this new upload will fix it when ready so it won't happen again.
- fixed

Many controls all called "colours for" in hidden titles (read by screen readers). This won't affect anyone much as they are controls that blind users can't use anyway, and blind users will use the no graphics version of bounce. Still best to give them the right hidden titles, might make a difference to someone.

Play then silent for measures - graphics
Show then hide for measures - graphics
Set volume for part - graphics
Parts - Show or hide, Play or silence - graphics
- fixed

When "Play, then Go SILENT at measures" is switched off, if "Always Hide Bounce when Silent" is switched on, you see the "Hide Bounce for selected measures" check box but it has no effect.

The fix was to auto switch off "Hide Bounce for selected measures" when both "Play, then Go SILENT at measures" is switched off, if "Always Hide Bounce when Silent" is switched on. Then if user switches on "Hide Bounce for selected measures" at that point, "Always Hide Bounce when Silent" (which is hidden) gets switched off. It may sound a bit confusing put like that, but if you try it out, I think this is the behaviour that best matches what the user expects - it's to do with the behaviour of hidden check boxes which is why it's a bit tricky to explain but it "just works" as expected if you try it out.
- fixed

Buggy behaviour for the note played if you set the chord progression to play octaves above the chord root the "octave". After a bit of experimentation and testing, I think the most intuitive is to play multiple octaves above the chord root. E.g. in C:F it will play an F two octaves above the chord root, rather than a C. Also the polychords sometimes had large gaps between them of more than an octave depending on the choice of chord.
- fixed

If set to show note names using a cycle of fifths with alternative spellings in Cycle of fifths notation (Ctrl + 293), couldn't play chords at all and displayed them with several note names to each note.
- fixed

When chords are set to use 19 equal or 31 equal by default in Accidentals symbols and special opts (Ctrl + 61) this tuning is only used for the chord roots (that is when set to "don't quantize pitches" instead of "quantize to scale" or "quantize to arpeggio") instead of being used for the intervals between the notes as well, as the user would expect (plays correctly if you use the special notations to specify a chord as 19 equal or 31 equal)
- fixed

Wednesday 31st August 2016

Music notation accents are played only at intermediate volume, if there are no Sfz type accents. Should be at maximum volume if there are only two accent levels - fixed.

Bugs in 3D splash sizes and duration. Sometimes too small to be noticeabel - fixed

If you have a file with the word "tune smithy" in its file name, the file error message such as warn about overwriting etc will show the name with "tune smithy" replaced by "Bounce Metronome" - fixed.

When new scale window is open with different scale from main window, if you then click on new scale w, PC keyboard continues to edit it and show its scale on change to other windows

On enter tempo for multiple measures as text in Automatic Tempo and Rhythm Changes with Accelerating Tempo, Accents, etc. (Ctrl + 264), row highlight vanishes - fixed

in Bouncing Balls - Visuals - Controls, Text and layout (Ctrl + 233), option to show the time gets hidden when blocks are hidden but with the option to show the time at the top, you can still see the time so check box must be visible too, fixed.

Sometimes bounces not aligned with dots for bounce left to right shown from conductor's point of view - fixed

editing in w271 keeps moving cursor to start of field on make the rhythm automatically while entering numbers - fixed

in Template:W113 - if you use sustain to sustain notes, then press sostenuto pedal (e.g. scroll lock) - buggy interaction. And sostenuto doesn't work as it should in that window - fixed

in Template:W113 - if you slide mouse up and down keyboard with custom voice chords instrument, then get stuck on notes - fixed

{{w234 export animation - if choose to cancel on show the video save dialog choosing compressor etc it says error during save instead of just cancel - fixed

Wave Shape Player Menu (Ctrl + 196) - on select instrument doesn't change instrument in w44. Works fine for melodic and normal non melodic instruments - fixed

Add Sound to Animation Export (Ctrl + 242) if set to export as separate midi files for each part - should say if midi file ... Part_1 exists yet - fixed

Automatic Tempo and Rhythm Changes with Accelerating Tempo, Accents, etc. (Ctrl + 264) - getting confused about number of measures played so far on changing zones to a new rhythm with different lengths of measure - and various other related bugs for complex zone / rhythm changes - fixed

If you run a second copy of Bounce Metronome,then when it starts up it may ask to relaunch after freeze - actually is just the freeze tester save from first copy - fixed (now if second copy freezes / crashes it's got a separate freeze tester that only comes into play if you run bounce as a second copy again). - fixed

Combination of power bounces + soft bounces buggy in Bounce Patterns (Ctrl + 227). Now permits only one of power, sticky or soft bounces. - fixed

For abc notation, if the rhythm has pitches below middle C e.g. C, then the tune lowers the pitch by an octave or two every time you make a new euclidean rhythm in Make Euclidean Rhythms (Ctrl + 271) - this bug also affects the pitches if you convert an abc tune to music notation, then back to abc - fixed.

Remakes the music notation to match rhythm for time signatures on just turn oon the option to do the simpler automatic rhythm and tempo changes before they are actually played - user may immediately switch off and would not expect music notation to be changed in that situation. - fixed

In Advanced Settings for Animated Textures andand Videos (Ctrl + 238), should always autobeam on select preset from droplist even if set not to auto beam - fixed

When you remake the rhythm in Dance rhythms - or any other rhythms with skipped beats (Ctrl + 228) for abc notation, sometimes changes the choice for the smallest rhythm value - fixed.

Template:W113 - doesn't have multitouch - fixed

PLAY then SILENT for Measures (Ctrl + 260) - fixes some bugs in the "PLAY RANDOMLY" (was called "Go silent randomly" before).

Sometimes can play notes in Tune (Ctrl + 4) and it doesn't get recorded, also occasionally first note in tune not displayed - and possibly other similar bugs - fixed

Additive scripted rhythms - the ones that show as a separate block at the bottom of the window for each rhythm - had the note types displayed incorrectly in the rhythm sequence display at the bottom of the 2D bouncing balls window - fixed.

Parts strip in 3D Bounce (Ctrl + 224) (the rectangle the balls bounce on if you select "Show Parts strip in 3D" in 3D Bounce - Visuals (Ctrl + 257)) - are shown too small when all the bouncing balls are hidden for "go silent briefly" - fixed.

Beats volumes and times (Ctrl + 76) the charts there are very sluggish sometimes responding to mouse or touch - fixed.

The colours next to each part in Show All Parts (Ctrl + 9) - which you can click on to hide or show the bouncing balls - weren't updating to show as hidden (white in center of the square) or visible (solid colour) when you click to hide / show bouncing balls in other places such as the 2D bounce window - fixed.

Confusing text for currently selected Chord in Add Melodic Sequence or Chord Progression (Ctrl + 275) for melody sequences: e.g. "D1 (transposed, C -> D4) as D1 (transposed, C -> D4) as: As exact pitches: 327.6294 Hz == E4 ", the D1 there means a D1 chord i.e. the 1 only and transposed C -> D4 transposes D to E - rephrased it to explain it more clearly - fixed.

Other confusing things in Add Melodic Sequence or Chord Progression (Ctrl + 275) including the overall layout of the window - should be much easier to use now - fixed.

Expression parser couldn't parse expressions like e+g (treated the e+ as if it was part of an expression such as 1e+3 for 1000) - fixed

Expression parser couldn't parse user entered expressions such as (e+g with unclosed brackets - now automatically closes all brackets at the end of the expression to parse it.

Octave shifting bug for chord progressions. For some chords the / and \ shift the chord up and down by two octaves instead of one - example the third chord, the F#m of the Pachabel canon chord progression is played an octave too low as chords (though just fine for the melodic sequence) - fixed.

Sometimes happens that when you click play then change to More windows and options while it's playing, Bounce freezes - fixed

Instrument text for each beat too small for paused bouncing balls with edge smoothing switched on - fixed

If you change the note letters in Template:W e.g. one of the Indian systems or H instead of B, then the on screen music keyboards display the black keys incorrectly, showing keys as black which are in fact white - fixed.

This may well seem like a bug to the user. If all the notes in a part are skipped - you can't click to show the bouncing ball, and it might not be obvious why you can't do that. Now it pops up a message "All the notes in part ... are currently skipped. Do you want to set it to play the first note in the part in order to show it?" and if you answer "yes", unskips the first note and then sets it to show the bouncing balls.

When the parts are set to a low volume, the black text on a dark background for the volume shadows in the parts control to the left of 3D Bounce (Ctrl + 224) is hard to read. Now shows the text in white for low volume parts so it is now easy to read - fixed.

For parts of bounce with a hand cursor used to click on things, the cursor hot spot was offset by 2 pixels so you end up clicking in a slightly different point from the end point of the finger on the displayed hand. Occasionally that's noticeable - I noticed it while debugging the play then silent graphics for large numbers of measurs so that each one was just 3 pixels in width. - fixed.

In What to show on pictures of PIANO STYLE Keyboards (Ctrl + 111) - eith the option to show the keys to press from the keyboard to play the notes, if you tried to play some of those keys they acted as silence key shortcuts to mute or play one or more parts - fixed.

Saturday 23rd January 2016

Sometimes get skipped (unplayed) beats for slow phasing rhythms.
- fixed

If the rhythm is notated with whole notes as the beat units, tuplets are shown using more complex notation than they need in the bouncing balls windows.
- fixed

rhythms shown incorrectly for the case where you set it to conduct a 6/8 rhythm but count it as 1 & 2 & 3 & (I've no idea if anyone will want that capability especially for that example - but it is there, that you can set the visual count to anything independent of the conducting pattern it counts - so tested it and that turned up this bug - that was a nice simple to test example that triggered the bug - and I also tried conducting as 3/4 with 2 subdivisions and counting as 6/8, and it now works fine both ways).
- fixed

Check box in the Beats - Expected beat patterns for pure harmonic timbres (Ctrl + 2) window to show beating partials for chords played switches on automatically when you show the window. So having shown the window once, it will then show up from then on whenever you play a chord in the New Scale or New Arpeggio windows.

If you have a chord progreession set for one of the parts in Chord Progression For Part (Ctrl + 250) and have the instruments menu set to show one of the custom instrument menus with banks so multiple instruments for each of the standard GM instruments - then edit the instrument field in Show All Parts (Ctrl + 9) by entering one of the instrument names from the menu - it doesn't seem to recognize it and shows the name as unknown non melodic percussion instrument. Though it does in fact find the instrument, just doesn't display it properly in the chord progression description. It also ignores the bank
- fixed

This was programmed in intentionally, so not a bug in the code as such, more a bug in the design. It is buggy from the view of the user as most people won't want this behaviour.

So now it no longer does it. And instead put a button to bring up the window in the New Arpeggio and New scales windows so you can bring up this window easily.
- fixed

Also renamed the check box to "SHOW THIS WINDOW for chords played in Seed, Arpeggio & Scale windows" which makes it clearer what the check box does.

Also when you have multiple copies of this window open and switch on this check box on one of them - it actually switches it on globally - it's a global setting in the program - but doesn't change the check state on the other windows
- fixed

This is an option but added as a work around for a bug. Added an option "Pause at end for last note to die away" in Options for Seed, Arpeggio and Scale Play buttons (Ctrl + 28). It was cutting notes off suddenly at the end - not sure why as it didn't close midi out, just did an "end thread" which you wouldn't think would make any difference to midi out. Looking at the output stream in Midi Ox there is no difference, no extra midi messages sent. But for some reason the notes get cut off short unless you have a pause before ending the thread. They get cut off at the moment the thread exits. I've no idea why, it baffles me as there is simply no connection at all between my program and the synth playing the notes at that point, except via midi and if no midi notes are sent, why would anything happen? How does the synth even "know" that my program has just ended a thread?

But anyway as a work around I've added a one second end pause at the end of the seed, chord or arpeggio when played using the play buttons. This fixes the bug. If you click stop you can stop the playback in the middle of this pause manually. Or of course reduce or remove the end pause.

In the same window then the field where you set the length of time for the chord to play wasn't working and also not labelled properly if set to play chords. Also some aspects of this window layout was confusing.
All fixed.

Auto stereo pan to follow the bouncing ball in Pitch of 1/1 of Scale (Ctrl + 10) wasn't working. Not sure when the bug was introduced
- fixed.

When you hover the mouse over the tempo dial in the main window or separate tempo dial window - only shows the tips for the controls to left of the window, and the tips are misaligned. It's because it does resampling by drawing the image double size and scaling down - the rectangles for the areas you can hover over weren't rescaled down to match the mouse coordinates
- fixed

Sometimes when you open a project which needs the main window changed, it will remake all the windows twice
- fixed.

Tuesday 12th January 2016

Rhythmn phasing not working for rhythms without part information in them (e.g. waltz etc)
- fixed

Rhythm phasing, and euclidean rhythms not working if the notation is set to abc notation - fixed.

Some rhythms get made with conducting patterns that don't fit them e.g. two dotted quarter notes - conducted using 4 beat units i.e. as the first half of a 3/4 measure.

On hide dots for skips also puts labels for skips for bounce inside or outside oval across the bottom -


Fixes bug in additive rhythms such as 1/4 with 3 subs + 1/8 where it added extra beats in the second part beyond the length of the measure.

Can't use formulae like 3/4 etc in the Beats per Measure field in Show All Parts (Ctrl + 9) by default
- fixed

When the rhythm consists of several measures, the measure count is confusing as it actually counts the repeats of the entire measure

- fixed by renaming it to "Rhythm Repeats"

Choice of Secs or Measures in Tune (Ctrl + 4) not saved - always resets to seconds when you start the program - fixed.

Projects are slow to load if they get very large, (example was a project with one megabyte of data). - fixed

Slow frame rate for the 2D bounce on the Mac if you have the bouncing balls hidden in the main window - fixed.

Thursday 11th June 2015

Depending on your settings, you may find that it doesn't go silent (just the visuals stop). I introduced it while working on the mouse theremin, making sure that the theremin didn't go silent if it's part was muted in the parts window (because there's absolutely no reason why anyone would want to play a silent theremin :) ). But in process I did a fix for another bit of code as well, and as a side effect, that disabled muting for the go silent briefly feature in some circumstances.
- fixed

Tuesday 9th June 2015

Button in unlock window not opening web page in Wineskin - and same also for other buttons and menus that bring up web pages from Bounce Metronome from the WineSkin
- fixed

A few other minor bugs.
- fixed

Saturday 6th June 2015

Fixed some minor bugs, nothing really worth mentioning here. Most are to do with the Sort Scales option - which I think few Bounce users will need - they are of most interest for Tune Smithy and especially for its scale construction task. Others are minor things to do with the mouse theremin.

Tuesday 26th May 2015

after relaunch from Freeze if go to file >> Save as Project - then it may default to save in the freeze detector folder
- fixed

can't adjust number of scale colours or switch on / off the Lambdoma colour code background check box in Colours window
- fixed

Some other minor bug fixes

Sunday 3rd May 2015

With the speed drills in Speed drills (simpler version) (Ctrl + 280), if you switch on Play TARGET &for then it plays the middle of the list of tempi longer than the others (should only do that if set to return to the start tempo, because then the middle tempo in the list is the target tempo)
- fixed

Tuesday 7th April 2015

If you adjust the list of tempi while the rhythm is playing, using {{w280]] or Tempo Dial - Preferences (Ctrl + 223), it may shift all the tempi up or down from the expected tempo. It clears up if you stop play and start again. Also various other related bugs.
- fixed

When you switch on "Space out controls by" or "Rescale all windows by" in General Options (Ctrl + 202) you may find that this only makes a difference to the windows already on the screen, not to new ones shown after you switch on the check boxes.
- fixed

If you edit the rhythm in the display to the right of Tempo Dial - Preferences (Ctrl + 223) and you get the rhythm field blank, sets the rhythm to the word "Tempo" - and sets tempo to default. This could happen also if e.g. you highlight say the number 4 and replace it by 3 though it seems to user like an instant change of the 4 to a 3, the program is sent the data as first 3, then the text with the 3 removed, and then the 4, so gets a momentary blank rhythm field there also.
- fixed

If you open a project saved from a newer version of Bounce Metronome than the one you are using, you get a message twice asking if you want to open a project saved from a newer version of the program (message should be shown once only)
- fixed

Friday 3rd April 2015

Opts >> all in one, split etc - puts help window in wrong place on secondary monitor for surface pro, I think it's because of the difference of dpi for the primary and secondary monitor.
- fixed

- on save a project, with Bounce set to the default settings, so doesn't save user specific settings such as whether it is in Newbie or Advanced mode - if you then set Bounce to read user specific settings and open that project, it resets those user specific settings back to their defaults
- fixed

Sometimes when you go to save a new project or other file, it may default to the Freeze Detector save folder instead of the folder you last used to save to.
- fixed

If you have 3D Bounce (Ctrl + 224) maximized, and then press the Escape key - the keyboard shortcut to show it filling the screen without title bar - and then answer No to the message about whether you want to go to full screen, then the window goes back to normal mode and the 3D scene goes blank.
- fixed

Can't switch off the freeze detector in Advanced options, tweaks and bug diagnostics (Ctrl + 277)
- fixed

When you answer SHIFT + YES to "Relay directly for current session only" and "Bypass for current session only" - only remembers the settings through to the next session, instead of for all future sessions as intended.
- fixed

Sunday 22nd March 2015

Many bug fixes in Automatic Tempo and Rhythm Changes (Ctrl + 245), Automatic Tempo and Rhythm Changes with Accelerating Tempo, Accents, etc. (Ctrl + 264), How to Change Tempo, Tempo Steps and Stepping Progressions (Ctrl + 265) and Gradually Changing Tempo etc (Ctrl + 42) - so many I think not particularly helpful to list them all. If you found anything confusing or buggy in these windows, there is a chance that this update has fixed it (if not be sure to let me know!).

When you click on a url in the tool tip help - might not bring up a browser window
- fixed

Also old version was missing some of the tool tips - especially for the bouncing balls window - fixed.

"Keep CHORDS progression" in the Melodic Instruments window not obvious so could be confusing when you change an instrument for a part and find you only change the instrument for the chord progression
- moved to top right. Also made sure that it gets shown immediately when you set a chord progression for the part.

glitch in visual bounce movement for rhythm changes in Automatic Tempo and Rhythm Changes with Accelerating Tempo, Accents, etc. (Ctrl + 264) - you may find that the ball pauses momentarily after the first bounce after a new rhythm change. This is to do with update of everything presented in the user interface to match the new rhythm. I've optimized this now so if there is a glitch will be far less than before hopefully. But if still affected, try switching on "Skip some user interface updates when rhtyhm changes for smoother play" as a work around.
- mostly fixed + work around

Can't hide the parts strips adjustments in the 3D bounce window - and when you uncheck "BLOCKS, PARTS STRIPS ETC" they still remain visible
- fixed - including new check box "Show Parts strips ADJUSTMENTS".

This is for the multi-touch theremin preset in Theremin Options (Ctrl + 40) combined with the circular preset set to go round 2 or more cycles - i.e. that as you move the touch point around the centre of the screen, the pitch increases first time around and decreases second time around - or can be set to any number of cycles to go through the entire increase and decrease in pitch. So the bug is that if you have two or more touch points and you move one finger around the centre while keeping the other one stationary - the pitch of the stationary finger may suddenly jump in pitch. That's because the cycle reached changed for the other finger but the cycle reached wasn't recorded on a per finger basis, so the pitch of both fingers changed. Fixed by recording the cycle reached on a "per part" basis (it has one part for each finger
- fixed

Freeze tester in Advanced options, tweaks and bug diagnostics (Ctrl + 277) can cause timing glitches while rhythm is playing - of visual bounce, possibly also of the sound also for fast rhythms. So added check box: Disable freeze tester while playing defaults to switched on.
- fixed.

Couldn't switch off freeze detector in Advanced options, tweaks and bug diagnostics (Ctrl + 277)
- fixed.

Also freeze detector can cause timing glitches for the bouncing balls, even for the rhythms sometimes so added an option to disable it while the rhythm is playing, defaulted to switched on.
- fixed.

Tuesday 13th January 2015

This fixes a bug in Automatic Tempo and Rhythm Changes (Ctrl + 245) - if you set it to a tempo progression only, without rhythm progression - and you play and then click stop play - then the tempi may all change. Basically the issue is that it gets confused about which of all those tempi is the selected tempo - you can switch between the tempo with the up and down arrows or adjusting a number even if the rhythm is stopped - so - different parts of the program confused about whether it had reset to the first tempo or a later tempo in the list was selected - leading to all the tempi increased or decreased. Fixed by resetting to the start tempo when the rhythm stops (I could set it to reset to the tempo reached, but reset to first tempo probably what user will want)
- fixed

Friday 9th January 2015

Access violation on click and drag to adjust final tempo in Gradually Changing Tempo etc (Ctrl + 42). I couldn't really figure out why it happened, but it seems to be an issue in the tool tip code as the access violation happens in the tool tip handling code - and was fixed by disabling tool tips whenever the mouse button is held down during a mouse move.
- fixed

If you show the Tempo Steps window the step size should auto update when you change the final tempo. It does auto update internally - and it plays the right step size - but it only shows the correct step size on close the window and reshow it.
- fixed

In Automatic Tempo and Rhythm Changes (Ctrl + 245) the list of tempi may get confused and not match the tempi played on the dial
- fixed

In the "less" version of How to Change Tempo, Tempo Steps and Stepping Progressions (Ctrl + 265) window extends to the right beyond the ? icons with nothing in it - was caused by a misplaced hidden text field
- fixed.

Sunday 21st December 2014

This just fixes a bug - was missing the audio and midi file export in the File drop menu

Saturday 20th December 2014

On adjust beats per measure in Parts window - has no effect on the music notation. Similarly if you edit the polyrhythm edit field in w89 (fast numerical entry) and various other places, music notation window not updating.
- fixed

Message of alert for reset everything with project open should default to Cancel as the default button selected
- fixed

In the combine time signatures window, defaulting to fractional examples for the polyrhythms and additive rhythm examples for newbie mode for pro metronome
- fixed

Auto music notation conversion sometimes converts notes as rests
- fixed

Access violation if user enters a negative number of subdivisions.
- fixed

the text on the Mac for beat numbers for 2D bounce becomes twice the height it normally would be if you apply edge smoothing
- fixed

For rhythms like 2 + 3 / 4 - if you set a different number of subdivisions for each of the rhythms, e.g. two subdivisions for the 2 and no subdivisions for the 3, it gets confused and does a buggy rhythm. .
- fixed

The 2 of say 2/8 + 3/8 counting "1 &" instead of "1 2" and the label ticks slightly misaligned in the main window - where it is the use of 2/8 instead of 2/4 that makes the difference here.
- fixed

Access violation that can occur while editing text in the music notation rhythm window
- fixed

Sunday 14th December 2014

check box "Show this window if any issues occur" in Diagnostics (Ctrl + 266) has no effect when switched off.

Rare access violation when you edit a rhythm in the music notation window (it's to do with extracting the description to show in the droplist field above it)
- fixed.

Wednesday 10th December 2014

Fixes a bug in the Swing and Accents curves window - sometimes doesn't do the curves as expected
- fixed.

Friday 5th December 2014

Click to set tempo on 3D Bounce window not working in Windows - fixed

Edge smoothing for 3D Bounce not working - fixed

Defaults to rescale windows by 120% if the screen is larger than 1600 pixels in width on first install - fixed

Slightly different layout for the Unlock window with the guarantee and discount buttons at the bottom of the page - was a rather confusing layout with them in the middle - fixed.

Sunday 30th November 2014

Sometimes get a flam effect of the second part slightly delayed by a few ms when playing the first measure of a rhythm (is okay after that)
- fixed

If you switch to the Drum & Dance - rhythms in music notation - and choose "keep" it should show your current rhythm in music notation - but doesn't
- fixed

Removed the option to register or unregister MFX plugin from Bounce and from Wine and Wine Mac, and FTS Lambdoma. I've left it in for Tune Smithy for now, as I know a few people did use it at one point for Tune Smithy with varying success - not sure if anyone still uses it and it was never particularly good. Not sure if I'll keep it for the release, but there for the beta for now.

When you play notes from midi in and then sustain them with the new on screen "sustain" button then often not highlighted correctly
- fixed

Also issues with highlighting when using multi-touch to play on screen keyboard and then using sustain and sostenuto
- fixed

Labeling of the on screen sustain and sostenuto button a bit confusing "Sustain ON" could be intepreted as "Click here to switch sustain on".
Relabelled as:
Sustain is OFF
Sustain is ON

If you set one of the beats in the rhythm to play a wave shape player instrument, or sample, then the instrument is not played in the first measure of the rhythm

If you make a music notation rhythm with an accent, such as the à in "Blue Rondo à la Turk", shows incorrectly - no accent in the rhythm window and shows incorrectly in the droplist of rhythms
- fixed

When you click on a tool tip - it should dismiss it (in case tool tip gets in the way of the underlying control) - wasn't doing that
- fixed.

If you select a separate font for the special character option, it has no effect
- fixed

Fixed an access violation you might get on rare occasions during start up of the program
- fixed

Make new drum machine - labelled as "polyrhythmic drum machine" in free taster in the drop menu of all the Bounce Metronome rhythms - but isn't polyrhythmic of course
- fixed

also free taster doesn't let you show the overview of all the parts for the drum machine in "Show drum machine".
- fixed

If you go to the Tempo Options window and then use up / down to move to the polyrhythm 3:5, then in 2D bounce window, click on blue triangles to add one beat to first part, then click to skip a beat, adjust volume etc, the times for the beats change to uneven beats, e.g. to 1 1 2 2, instead of all the same
- fixed

If you show a new window, then press the Alt key, you might find that a lot of the text goes blank
- fixed

In Show All Parts (Ctrl + 9) the option "Silence Part 2 now" etc - if more than one part is highlighted, it should say parts 2 - 8 or whatever the selection is
- fixed

Wine Mac fixes for 30th November 2014

Leopard beta will be uploaded in two versions with and without the 3D bounce. That's because the 3D Bounce code doesn't seem to work at all in Leopard 10.5 (original launch of Leopard) in a virtual machine in VirtualBox. Program won't even start up. Plus another version with the 3D bounce so beta testers can try both.
- done

No shadow for the bouncing ball for bounce on lyrics
- fixed

Option to Animate only one window at once - doesn't detect when focus is set to the 3D Bounce in the Wineskin
- fixed.

In the Out Devices window, was confusing label: "Default Windows Midi Device". Relabelled this to to "Default Wine Midi Device" for Linux users and "Default Wineskin Midi Device" on the Mac
- done

Was keeping the Mac in a high energy state with thousands of "idle time wakeups" which would impact on battery life if left on battery. This was an issue with my settings in Armadillo, program I use for processing unlock keys and protecting from crackers - defaulted to using a monitoring thread which was totally unnecessary and caused all these wakeups
- fixed

Shows options for SCALA that don't work on the Mac e.g. to show current scale in SCALA - Bounce inside the Wineskin has no way of starting up SCALA or passing information to it at present - just removed them
- fixed

Getting freezes / access violations for the bounce on lyrics list when you try to select from it. Turned out to be due to having entries in it that are more than 512 bytes long (not sure of exact maximum length it permits).

Meant had to truncate the lyrics to fit them into the droplist.

Fixed this with a new option: Truncate droplist entries at in the Advanced Options window. Plus "behind the scenes" coding to let you select a truncated lyric and it then gets the full lyric for you.

On the Mac shows options such as to show a scale in SCALA that are not possible on the Mac at present with the program inside a wineskin - at least don't know any way to do it
Fix: hid those options from the MAC version

When program first starts up or if you use the option to reset all the windows within the current monitor - you get a gap of a few pixels to left, right and below each window - fixed with new option in Opts >> Advanced Options to overlap the windows.
- fixed

The option to use Escape to show windows full screen without title or menu bar - doesn't work (window can't be expanded to that size) - just added message saying it is not supported
- fixed

Musical notes not working in 3D bounce on Wineskin
- fixed

If you show a window, then minimize it then move it then reshow it using same button (so in Wine closes and then recreates it) - forgets latest window position and in case of 3D Bounce shows it too large.
- fixed

If you click on the main menu, say on Instr, the drop menu often vanishes within half a second or so
- fixed

Saturday 27th September 2014

Improved how the instrument selection windows work - show whether the current instrument is selected in any of the parts and lists which parts it is selected in - before - if you select an instrument with one of them - the other ones all go blank.

- fixed

When you show the In Devices window, then none of the In devices gets highlighted

- fixed

Wine Mac fixes

When you click on the disclaimer and acceptable use buttons - it now shows the documents in Word for Wine. (Before it couldn't do this so I had an awkward work around using the Help window in Bounce).

I got the clue while using the Mac Beta for LIssajous 3D - it showed the documents in Word for Wine - just because it uses slightly different windows code to show the file.

So then looked at how it did that in the source code - and put the same code into Bounce and that fixed it.

- fixed

Sunday 21st September 2014

If you sustain a note from pc keyboard or mouse and then release the sustain pedal with note still held down, the key unhighlights when of course it should remain highlighted until you release the note with mouse or PC Keyboard

(note is played correctly purely visual thing) - fixed

In some situations you get lots of consecutive horizontal line separators in the menus - fixed

If you hover mouse over a control with a single number you get the tip about using mouse to drag up and out of the text area as a way to adjust the number, like dragging on a wheel type spin control - that's fine - but if you then immediately afterwards hover mouse over, say, a check box, you get the same tip added - which of course makes no sense for a check box - fixed

File >> Reset Everything doesn't reset the size of the main window for the FTS Lambdoma (works okay for Bounce) - fixed

Thursday 18th September 2014

Improvement in the sustain issue - but found bug after upload - was only fixed properly on 21st September.

Monday 9th September 2014

Visual issue with sostenuto combined with sustain. If you use sostenuto for the on screen keyboards and then sustain, and then release sustain pedal - then it switches off the sustained notes and retains the sostenuto notes as you'd expect - so sound works fine - but - it keeps the sustained notes visually highlighted until you release sostenuto when it will finally unhighlight both sostenuto and sustained notes.

I.e. it keeps some notes visually highlighted although they are no longer sustained (not sounding), just because the sostenuto pedal is still held down.
- fixed

Freeze effect you get when moving the mouse over the 3D bounce window while playing, depending on your settings.

It's to do with code that checks what part of the 3D scene the mouse is over - so that it can highlight the blocks and controls as you move mouse over them - and so that you can e.g. click to skip beats etc.

It turned out to be because whenever I make the 2d disks in the 3d scene - the program (as it was before this bug fix) does them by default like an onion with many nested layers of rings one inside the other.

Does that so fast that you don't notice in the 3D graphics - graphics cards must be highly optimized for such things I suppose - but for some reason all those nested layers really slow it down hugely in the mouse position testing.

I don't know why that is. For instance the mouse hit testing for a sphere, which you'd think would be much more difficult computationally, makes no difference at all, even with dozens, or hundreds even of spheres in the scene. And the sphere is very detailed by default so it looks nice and smooth, and because on modern computers smooth spheres like that don't slow things down noticeably at all - probably as many component polygons easily as the disk with its nested circular rings.

Just drawing a single disk on the screen was enough to freeze it completely for mouse position testing during even slow motion of the mouse - with it set to that large numbers of concentric layers - though it makes no noticeable difference at all if you don't hover the mouse over the scene. So definitely hit testing is what caused the temporary freezes, nothing to do with graphics drawing.

Anyway was an easy fix - it doesn't need any extra concentric layers for the hit testing - so set it to 2 when hit testing - and only needs them when textured, set it to default to 10 layers when textured. So just possibly may speed up frame rate slightly also though probably won't make much difference there, at any rate will fix this bug.
- fixed

Wine Mac fixes

When you try to show a droplist it may immediately vanish, and you have to click several times to show it - this is to do with the tool tips - vanishes because for some reason on Wine Bounce often chooses that moment to try to show a tip - on Windows this doesn't happen, tool tips don't show when the drop list is dropped. Dealt with this by adding extra code to temporarily disable tool tips if you click on a droplist.
- fixed

Disabled tool tips when focus is set to a message box because of possible buggy interaciton of tool tip code with message box button pressing. Don't need tool tips in that situation anyway.
- maybe fixed?

Saturday 23rd August 2014

If you change the lower number in the time signature, and choose say 4 or 8, then instead of the expected quarter notes or eighth notes you get all the musical notes displayed as two tied whole notes labelled 1.25e+299 and if you go to Bouncing Balls - Visuals - Controls, Text and layout (Ctrl + 233) you see that it says that the measure has 2.8e+301 quarter notes to a measure. This was because the ui code didn't strip the(♩) or (♪)after the note before sending the number to the program to evaluate.
- fixed

Tempo field may be shown too small for the text in the main window tempo dial
- fixed

Fixed a crash that can happen if you edit the Time signature to 5:4 etc. This option only works for the subdivisions at present, but someone might try it for the time signature denum.
- fixed.

Fixed an integer divide by zero error you might get in some situations.

The 3-2 Son Clave was getting played as a 7 beat rhythm. It's because the last rest in the rhythm got turned into the wrong music notation symbol when selected in the drop list (it is in the "O" notation internally and last symbol is a % internally - and when selected, last symbol didn't get translated at all - just turned into whatever symbol is in the same place as a % in the Bach font).
- fixed.

When you go to More many times in Gradually Changing Tempo etc (Ctrl + 42) until you get the option to use as many gradual tempo changes as you like, didn't have any way to change the way the column is shown, always showed as % of start tempo. Had a couple of radio buttons at bottom right but they don't do anything in this version of the window.
- fixed by adding in "Show tempo column as...". Not sure what happened - but probably a newly introduced bug when I added Automatic Tempo and Rhythm Changes with Accelerating Tempo, Accents, etc. (Ctrl + 264)
- fixed

Remove Simple Tempo Changes from the drop menu for tempo changes at right hand side of the main window for the Polyrhythm Cycles and Harmonic Polyrhythm cycles. That's because you can't use it with those, doesn't combine with them properly. With the Pro metronome now shows a warning message if you try to combine the simple tempo changes with the polyrhythm cycles. Basic reason is because the polyrhythm cycles use a script - and the simple tempo changes don't work properly when the script is playing.
- done

Some messages that were a bit confusing or too long
- fixed

When you have the option to highlight each beat as it is played (default) and play the polyrhythm cycles - it highlights beats in the last rhythm in the cycle instead of the one you are playing currently
- fixed

Wine Mac fixes

Freeze - hopefully fixed

Occasional freezes. Not sure why they happen, my freeze diagnostic methods didn't turn up anything conclusive.

The only freeze I was able to duplicate consistently was caused by the ball bouncing on lyrics. The code there updates the parent window after each move of the bouncing ball floating window. This deals with an issue of a bit of remnant from the background texture for the window which appears behind where the ball used to be, as it moves, in XP. This update isn't needed in the WineSkin - so disabled it.

That seems to fix the freeze. But why it caused it in the first place I don't know. Also switching off the textures in Skins (Ctrl + 162) fixed the freeze. So if you get other freezes that might work as a temporary fix - do report them even so.

Also treated task changes differently - no longer suspends threads and resumes them during a task change - as it does on Windows. That might have caused a freeze - and isn't really necessary. And various other things that might have helped - but hard to know if they did as I couldn't reproduce them consistently. However I've run Bounce on a Mac and had no freezese in a fair bit of testing, now. So hopefully they are fixed, will see.
- may be fixed.

Also - now defaults to 24 fps instead of 40 for the bounce animations frame rate - because it seemed to help slightly with the bounce on lyrics freezes to reduce the frame rate, before I did the other fix. Since 24 is fast enough for HD, seems worth reducing the frame rate anyway even though not needed for that freeze, in case it helps.

Still got no idea what the reason is. I can't run my debugger in the WineSkin, and the normal methods I use for diagnosing freezes were inconclusive.Some difference between how Wine and Windows work internally perhaps - which you expect as they had to write the code from scratch - or possibly could be a difference between the Mac and Windows - because at some point those calls my program makes to windows routines get translated into Mac code which would surely not behave identically to the Windows routines in all respects.

Still main thing is to have a work around, sometimes happens with programming that you know a work around is needed, but don't know exactly why it is needed. E.g. to cope with undocumented behaviour of Windows routines etc.

Bounce on Lyrics still buggy

There is some issue with the bounce on lyrics - though highlighting of the word works fine and ball bounces fine, the lyric itself doesn't scroll properly to the top of the next verse when it finishes a verse. Somehow the program gets confused, with the text moving back and forth. Don't yet know why this is happening, next on my bugs to fix list.

Other Wine Mac Bug Fixes

Text sometimes gets clipped e.g. Volume. This turned out to be because the font is a bit larger on Wine for some reason. So fixed it by making the font default to 95% instead of 100%. This made the text rather hard to read though, so I made the windows themselves 10% larger to compensate.

Tips show up too quickly when you hover mouse over a control. That's because Mac users are used to a 1 second delay while the default delay is 0.5 seconds on Windows. Changed it so it defaults to 1 second on a Mac.
- fixed.

Font size for 2D bounce window is smaller when stopped or paused (or - more generally -when you switch edge smoothing on or off)
- fixed

Jittery bounce animation - may be caused by the edge smoothing for the tempo dial.

I was able to duplicate it in some situations - when you have gradually changing tempo with the polyrhythm cycles - then the tempo dial edge smoothing caused jittery bounce animation. Haven't found a fix for it.

I think it might just be because the tempo dial has to be refreshed so often while the pointer moves - and with edge smoothing done through resampling as it needs to be done in the WineSkin - then each time you draw the pointer onto the dial - you have to resize the dial down from an original twice its size in order to get the edge smoothing. That may be what causes the glitchy animation, if so probaly not much I can do about it.

So - have just made the tempo dial edge smoothing disabled by default. I need to add a message to that check box to explain the reason why it's done that way - forgot to do that with this upload, will do it in a new upload probably later today (24th).

Thursday 31st July 2014

Several bug fixes in the new For 3 or more Subdivisions - Auto Shuffle - Buzz Rolls - and Volume and Time Curves (Ctrl + 276) window - mainly things like check boxes and text areas hidden when they should be shown and vice versa.

Also - sometimes as you change the settings, the auto accents or the swing check boxes get unchecked - so for instance - change the Accents curve - and auto accents might get switched off (also hiding the drop list you just used) so you have to switch it on again to continue.

- fixed

Mac Wineskin bug fixes

Faster transitions when you select a new metronome type in the main window drop list.

Attempt at fixing the freeze bug - have changed various things - in particular - no longer uses suspended threads as it did before - might possibly be the cause of it.

On the Mac, the Acceptable Use and Disclaimer buttons now bring up text in the help window instead of showing the rtf documents by file association (which doesn't work well on a Mac).

Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Sunday 27th July 2014

Fixes some bugs in the new Swing and Volume Curves window - for the new feature to make Accent curves following a formula - and swing curves - for instance, in some situations setting all the times to zero - basically it wasn't working as it should

- fixed

Friday 25th July 2014

Mac Beta Wine Bugs

For Mac beta: bug that can't be fixed - Tried installing Lissajous 3D into same "Wineskin" as bounce metronome - to run it using the button in Bounce Metronome - but it just didn't start.

I can't at present see any way to start up Lissajous 3D inside of a wineskin able to respond to the chords - that is - except for a rather kludgy solution - to write the data to some publicly available location on the Mac that both programs can see - and then set Lissajous 3D to respond to changes in that data.

Fixed a bug in Wine that can lead Bounce Metronome to run out of fonts and create font issues.

On wine - if click on icon to show on screen diamond or pc keyboard when window is already on the screen (e.g. hidden behind main window) - it disappears and can't be reshown until you close Bounce Metronome and start it up again

Other bugs

Fixed many bugs in Parts >> Chord Progression For Part (Ctrl + 250) (needs to have Parts >> Add melodic instruments ... switched on to see it).

Doesn't do the hover effect when you move a mouse over the button to configure how you play chord progression - or to preview the chords - fixed.

not converting case correctly TUNE SMITHY to BOUNCE METRONOME Organize Windows tool tip talks about Bounce Metronome WINDOWS instead of BOUNCE METRONOME WINDOWS which can be confusing, suggesting WINDOWS as the operating system on first notice it on a Mac. - fixed

Middle button doesn't auto select layer if you middle click on a different layer from the expected one. - fixed

If you click and drag to adjust a beat in Beats volumes and times (Ctrl + 76) and your mouse drifts over another beat as you go - the other beat changes its volumes instead.

This works fine for times. But is confusing for volumes - fixed (by keeping track immediately of which beat to adjust on mouse left button).

When you browse to change save folder for midi save - folder doesn't update visually on the screen until you close the window and open it again.

Friday 28th June 2014

Fixed a bug that could cause the rhythm to pause in some situations without click on the pause button.

If you set to show scales and intervals in Hertz, the pitch shown at top of the theremin window gets shown in decimal instead of hertz format - fixed.

Thursday 5th June 2014

Access violation in some situations, during display of music notation (depending on your settings) - fixed

Current operating system detected incorrectly, in Windows 8.1 see BOOL GetWindowsVersionNew(LPOSVERSIONINFOEXNEW posInfo) - fixed

Option to use a joystick with the mouse theremin Mouse or joystick theremin (Ctrl + 117) wasn't working at all - fixed.

Windows closed and then reshown during startup - fixed

Other minor bug fixes.

Sunday 6th April 2014

The message you get when you choose the same named midi device for input (in Set In Devices (Ctrl + 249) and for output (in Choose OUT DEVICES and PARTS to play for each device (Ctrl + 41) is rather confusing - rewrote it - also in simplest case where you have a single midi out device selected for output - instead of closing Midi in - it auto selects the first in the list of Out devices - the one called "Windows Midi Default".

In Gradually Changing Tempo etc (Ctrl + 42) - if set tempo for times - and close program or save a project - then the times reset to one minute for accelerating and one minute for decelerating when you restart the program or re-open the project. The good news is - any previously saved projects will be opened correctly after this bug fix
- fixed.

Not showing tool tips for the right click menus, e.g. right click on the O or ? icons
- fixed

Many glitches with the tool tips
- fixed

In Oscilloscope Options (Ctrl + 66) - Play as pitch glissandi wasn't working any more
- fixed

IN Record (temp) - Options (Ctrl + 108) the droplists of recording types were blank
- fixed

You might find that the skipped beats controls in Beats volumes and times (Ctrl + 76) appear and disappear as rhythm plays - it can happen if you have tempo dial set to antialiasing
- fixed

"Music notes" check box in Beats volumes and times (Ctrl + 76) has no effect
- fixed

If switch on edge smoothing for Beats volumes and times (Ctrl + 76) (in Midi In Pedals and Miscellaneous (Ctrl + 207)) and use click and drag to highlight part of the window with Alt (or CAPS LOCK) held down to show detail - then the blue highlight is drawn over as solid colour, so that you can't see what's under it in Beats volumes and times (Ctrl + 76) (only in the detail)
- fixed

In 3D bounce, with default settings, if you click to skip all the beats in a measure - the entire measure vanishes from the window - and then no way to reshow it except to go to the 2d bounce window. This is for the option "HIDE parts with NO BOUNCES" in 3D Bounce - Visuals (Ctrl + 257). To fix it changed the way this works so that it still shows parts if all the bounces are skipped. (You can easily hide the part if you want to).
- fixed

If you play a rhythm with gradual tempo changes and have EXPORT ANIMATION, or Print or Copy (Ctrl + 234) open - and play the bounces on their own, without sound - the live bounces have a very slow frame rate (because it was continually updating the preview in EXPORT ANIMATION, or Print or Copy (Ctrl + 234) which is slow to do)
- fixed.

in Beats volumes and times (Ctrl + 76), if you have a skipped beat at the start of the measure, it's shown with the volume for first unskipped beat (following ot) instead of last unskipped beat at end of measure. Other minor glitches here.
- fixed

In 3D Bounce (Ctrl + 224), can't use middle button to adjust volume of a single beat measure (measure beat)
- fixed

If set to bounce upside down in 3D Bounce (Ctrl + 224), and vertical scale not set to 100% in 3D Bounce - 3D Visuals (Ctrl + 226) - then the bounces miss the dots
- fixed

In Automatic Tempo and Rhythm Changes (Ctrl + 245) if you have it set to a long tempo progression with many tempo changes - and then switch on the rhythm progression - then Bounce Metronome may stop responding for a long time - as it works out the notation for the progression needed for the new rhythms (as quarter notes per measure)
- fixed

Wednesday 12th March 2014

Show Saved Video button in EXPORT ANIMATION, or Print or Copy (Ctrl + 234) doesn't work if the file name includes unicode characters - shows error message that the file doesn't exist (when it does) - fixed (this may also fix some other "file doesn't exist" messages for unicode file names)

In Add Sound to Animation Export (Ctrl + 242) - Play button is hidden if audio file doesn't exist yet - that's fine so far - but the problem is - if you don't make the audio file in Bounce using Timidity but instead make it in another application - woud be great if the play button appeared immediately to show it exists. Instead have to close the window and then when you reshow it (or on go to More or Less version) - then you get the button you can use to play it.

So, now when you have this window open, Bounce tests every second to see if the audio file exists - so if you delete it, hides the play button, if you re-create it then shows it again - fixed

Wednesday 5th March 2014

Dance rhythms - or any other rhythms with skipped beats (Ctrl + 228) - if you first make a rhythm with music notation then in the More several times version of that window click on "Make music notation for bounce rhythm" then it uses the entire rhythm as a comment - both its comment and the music notation itself. - fixed.

This is in 2D Bounce (Ctrl + 219) or other Bounce windows - if set to conducting patterns, and conducting preset - and you skip beats in one of the parts and then change the selection to "left to right" then the bounces may either be too small or bounce out of the window (on exit program and restart will be back to normal). Same thing if you go to Conducting Patterns (Ctrl + 247) and switch on "jump over SKIPPED notes..." after you skip beats - fixed

When you have it set to beat conducting patterns, anything except the Left to Right style - and have a rhythm with skipped beats then the gradient shading of the beats in the 3D Bounce may be buggy without a continuous shading all the way through the beat- fixed.

In EXPORT ANIMATION, or Print or Copy (Ctrl + 234) - if you use a file name with unicode symbols, then can't find the waveform audio and can't save the animation properly - and can't play the audio - fixed

I also went through the rest of the unicode code in Bounce Metronome and found some other occurrences of the same bug which I fixed - so this may have fixed unicode bugs in other parts of Bounce as well. - done

Some rhythms with gradual tempo changes weren't getting exported properly in EXPORT ANIMATION, or Print or Copy (Ctrl + 234) out of sync with the audio, with glitchy jumps of the bounce - fixed. Also if set to highlight the beat as it played - again this didn't export properly but with a flickering effect, for some rhythms.

Flickering effect in Beats volumes and times (Ctrl + 76) when you adjust volumes of beats, alternates back and forth between two similar volumes - fixed.

For some rhythms, get incorrect labels e.g. for bounce inside ovals - fixed.

When you change to a new skin, text colours in the music notation field in Dance rhythms - or any other rhythms with skipped beats (Ctrl + 228) and the drum and dance or Flamenco main windows don't update. Eg. change from Black on white to White on Black, the text remains white and so can't be seen until you close the program and re-open it (or change to another skin). Fixed.

In Beats - Overview of all the Parts (Ctrl + 31) if you use Alt + click and drag to show the detail of the beats - and then close the window that pops up, you can't show it again until you close Bounce and start it up again - fixed

When the drum and dance (or Flamenco) main window and the Dance rhythms - or any other rhythms with skipped beats (Ctrl + 228) windows are both open at once, if you try to type in Dance rhythms - or any other rhythms with skipped beats (Ctrl + 228) at the end of the text, then the cursor may get moved back one, so you end up typing into the text field in the place just before the last letter instead of after it - fixed

In some situations - if you have a dotted ntuplet in Dance rhythms - or any other rhythms with skipped beats (Ctrl + 228) , the auto beaming may beam it only half way to the next note - if the beam leads to the last note in the part - fixed.

the 12 for the Flamenco compass is shown upwards, overlapping the tempo and the 6 shown downwards into the blocks area - fixed

Also the tempo not shown centred within the ovals when you have a separate tempo for each one, and when there is a single tempo for all the parts sometimes shown overlapping the ovals - fixed

In some situations Bounce Metronome may use lots of User Objects - many more than are needed (resource leak) - fixed.

Fixed a crash that might happen in unusual situation when opening a previously saved project

Monday 24th February 2014

For bounce back and forth - first and last beat in the measure may stereo pan to opposite of expected
- fixed

For Opts >> Split Main Window - get a narrow thin bounce window to left of main window
- fixed

Count using dotted in Dance rhythms - or any other rhythms with skipped beats (Ctrl + 228) not visible
- fixed

Triplet Rhythmicon preset in Theremins Rhythmicon - not correct rhythm
- fixed.

Config >> Send Playing Style KEYSWITCHES - should be checked in the menu when set to "Send keyswitch notes to all channels for parts.
- fixed.

In On Screen Keyboards - Volume Sensitivity etc (Ctrl + 24) Make Lattice or Janko - doesn't immediately update the arpeggio and scale in Scales Drop List (Ctrl + 110) and Arpeggios Drop List (Ctrl + 109)
- fixed. - fixed

If you open a project saved with melodic instrumets shown, when it's currently hidden or vice versa - then a window such as On screen keyboards - To Show, sustain, sostenuto, and controller (Ctrl + 123) - which has more controls for melodic instruments - will get resized to have the controls crushed together (or spread out too much
- fixed.

Sunday 9th February 2014

This is for some rhythms that need custom beats per measure - when you close the program and restart, then the swing check box switches off - also when you re-open previously saved projects
- fixed

List of parts numbers in more version of Custom pitch variation - vibrato type effects (Ctrl + 95) and Custom amp. variation - tremolo like effects (Ctrl + 96) - has unnecessary scroll bar, has no effect
- fixed.

Parts for volume bounces in Custom amp. variation - tremolo like effects (Ctrl + 96) shows blank
- fixed

May use a lot of memory for some really complex rhythms with many beats to a measure - this is for data used to optimise the 2D and 3D bounce display
- fixed.

You might find that messages get hidden behind the main window when you bring Bounce Metronome up - to make sure this odesn't happen it wnow brings any message to the front when you tab or set focus to Bounce Metronome.
- fixed

Lines very thin for the 2D Bounce on high resolution display. It was the maximum line width in pixels in the More verison of 2D Bounce - Other Visuals (Ctrl + 225) - made this optional because there is no longer any reason to set a max width in pixels in most situations - the maximum % of block height is fine.
- fixed

Text too small for 2D bounce HD in EXPORT ANIMATION, or Print or Copy (Ctrl + 234)
- fixed

Not showing the block highlights (the highlight line around current beat as it is played) in EXPORT ANIMATION, or Print or Copy (Ctrl + 234)
- fixed

If .ini file is corrupted, may stop saving to the .ini file when program exits
- fixed

Option to shift start of note and set min and max tempi - removed from Vary Beat within bar - tempo and volume variation (Ctrl + 20) (buggy and not tested, is an old feature of Tune Smithy that I forgot to remove from Bounce Metronome).
- fixed

If you stop the rhythm for the go silent briefly option - bouncing balls are hidden - best to show them before the rhythm starts
- fixed

In Bouncing Balls - Visuals - Controls, Text and layout (Ctrl + 233) if set to show time, measure or rhythm at top then can overlap with the text for the tempo for first part
- fixed

If set to show the same tempo for all the parts in Tempo Dial - Preferences (Ctrl + 223) , tempo is shown for first part only in bounce windows when set to several sections - which is confusing - better to put right in the middle
- fixed

Shows controls to adjust numbers of beats in bounce windows for echo parts (see Bouncing Balls - Tap Timing (Ctrl + 237) ) - has no effect because it's set to echo previous part.
- fixed - also added text saying "echo" for echo part in main window.

"Auto hide bounce skips for parts with more than ... skips" - default was 40, changed to 36 so shows "Tuplet fragments played as a polymeter" without skips. Is a bit of an arbitary decision but when you have 40 beats to a measure the skips are really tiny and 36 is probably just as good a choice for the default.
- fixed.

Sunday 26th January 2014

Auto set file name in EXPORT ANIMATION, or Print or Copy (Ctrl + 234) and the auto set for exact bars doesn't take account of the rhythm progression in Automatic Tempo and Rhythm Changes (Ctrl + 245) - fixed. Now sets file name to e.g. Rhythm_progression_2_4s2_3s4_6o8_3c5_3c5s3c2_3+2+3s2_4o4+7o8 for the preset rhythm 2 4s2 3s4 6/8 3:5 3:5s3:2 3+2+3s2 4/4+7/8 , and sets the number of measures correctly also.

When you switch tempo and rhythm progressions off and then on again in Automatic Tempo and Rhythm Changes (Ctrl + 245) then the tempo progression may change. This happens if you have any of the check boxes switched on in the Lilt bars section (e.g. because you tried the lilt preset last of all the presets) - what it does is to set up the lilt measures depending on the values of those check boxes, when you switch the progression on again. - fixed.

In Midi Timers Compare All (Ctrl + 263) if you have it set to UK notation, so it shows bars instead of measures, shows "barments" instead of "measurements" - fixed

Wednesday 8th January 2014

Monday 6th January 2014

Fixed some bugs in the start up debug log

Wednesday 25th December 2013

This fixes a bug introduced with the last upload, that disabled the unlock window so you couldn't start the test drive or unlock the program with your unlock key.

Sunday 22nd December 2013

some bug fixes,

Monday 16th December 2013

You might get a stack fault, when you try to make one of the new Euclidean rhythms - fixed

The simple version of tempo and rhythm progressions wasn't automatically switching off custom beats per measure when you move forward to the next rhythm in the progression, as they should - fixed

Rite of spring extract example in Automatic Tempo and Rhythm Changes (Ctrl + 245) should switch on tempo progressions and set to tempo for quarter note. - done

If you set a custom beats per measure for the rhythm and tempo progression, and switch off the option to auto set the custom beats per measure - then get glitchy bounces, forgets direction of bounce - and it doesn't do the numbers properly anyway. I've added some code to fix the glitchy bounces if you set it up with this combination of options - but would need more work to make it so that the custom beats per measure counts continuously over the changes of rhythm, so haven't attempted that. I expect this combination of features to be little used especially since the automatic option doesn't permit it - but can return to this later if it is important. - fixed the glitchy bounces

Saturday 7th December 2013

The rhythms like pi / 4 and g/4 not synchronizing sound with bounce properly - fixed.

Tuplets often shown in complex forms such as e.g. 40:21 instead of simpler versions - fixed.

If you unselect "Add measure beats" in Dance rhythms - or any other rhythms with skipped beats (Ctrl + 228) then rhythms with two or more measures may get played with just the first measure played correctly, followed by one or more measures played with the smallest beat value throughout in all the parts - fixed.

Auto beamed notes displayed incorrectly when the measure is not a multiple of the size of the beamed grouping. An example might help: for e.g. 3/8, beamed sixteenth notes grouped together as quarter notes will show as 4 beamed, then 2, then after measure beat 2 beamed then 4, instead of 4 then 2 in each measure. - fixed.

Auto beam doesn't get reset for a new measure. Example, 5/8 with eighth notes tied as quarter notes, then when you start a new measure of 5/8 it should start a new beam, not beam over from the previous measure - fixed.

If you attempt to enter special characters using the Alt + 0nnn shortcut, using numers on the numpad - then, depending on the number nnn it may instead be treated as an Alt + arrows shortcut to adjust the tempo and so not work as it should - fixed

On start up if set to start_and_stop_bounce_with_sound and start_play_metronome and !start_play_metronome_bounce then starts bounce as well as sound,


Somewhat confusing layout of the window for Retune With Tuning Tables (.Tun, Sysex, or Velocity Retuning). (Ctrl + 118) - fixed.

Test Glide button in Out Devices Capabilities (Ctrl + 106) doesn't work when the Out device is tuned using tuning tables (you still may need to use pitch bends on top of the tuning table so may want to test this option e.g. to check range of pitch bend wheel) - fixed

Gets confused about file name for Save as midi file in Record to file (Ctrl + 11) sometimes - forgets last used name - fixed

Sometimes, you can't type special ascii characters using standard Windows keyboard shortcuts such as Alt + numpad 0, 222. Here, the numpad 2s are treated as down arrows, rather than as part of the definition of the special ascii character - fixed

Issue with reading an edited list of scales (.lsc file) - reads
h 2/1 #Harmonic and subhamronic series
as 1/1 (i.e. clear scale) - fixed

Polytempi like pi/4 & golden ratio/4 visual bounce is okay but sounds not playing the correct rhythms - though it plays the correct rhythms if you edit the notes (e.g. skip a note or adjust accents) - fixed

Opens midi out even when all the parts are set to play wave shape instruments only (so midi out isn't needed) - fixed.

When you hide all buttons and controls, 3D bounce window doesn't hide the parts list controls to the left (graphic) though it no longer clips so gets hidden behind the texture. - fixed

Polyrhythm Cycles like 4:3 + 7:8 - when you click on one of the rhythms to change the selection (with rhythm stopped) then it changes it in only one window instead of updating in all the windows with bouncing balls

- fixed

Drop list of rhythms for "Drum & Dance etc. - Rhythms in music notation" in main window shows &s as underlines, e.g. shows "Waltz as 1 2 & 3 " as "Waltz as 1 2 _3 " - fixed

Can't use the new busy waits for beeps metronome (or other swv voices) - fixed

If you have the new busy waits switched on and then try to export an animation with gradual tempo changes, then the animation gets saved incorrectly, usually the bounces bounce far too quickly - fixed

Can't change volume for single wave player and instead moves mouse to the instrument edit field - fixed

On select sine beep as edited instrument and then select ordinary sine or triangle wave, plays it using beep volume envelope sine or triangle wave played as beeps.tsProj - fixed

In Opts drop menu - if you are a sighted user and it is set to the version for blind users, wasn't so obvious which option to select to get back to the version for sighted users Renamed it to "Show all &graphics - for SIGHTED USERS" which now makes this clear - fixed

Saturday 22nd June 2013

Most of the instruments for Wave Shape Player Menu (Ctrl + 196) show up as "- not found" - was an unintended side effect of the bug fix for "select the sine beep" in the previous upload - fixed

Sunday 16th June 2013

Doesn't do busy waits for the beeps metronome - fixed

After you make the beeps metronome if you attempt to set a non melodic percussion instrument in Show All Parts (Ctrl + 9) it automatically changes it to a melodic instrument (this is because the beeps metronome is counted as a "harmonic metronome" and so needs melodic instruments) - fixed by doing the check for melodic instruments only when you first make a harmonic metronome - fixed

in Wave Shape Player Menu (Ctrl + 196) if you attempt to change the volume by typing into it directly, your text gets typed into the instrument name field instead (though click and drag up / down to change the number works fine) - fixed

If you select the sine beep (as for beeps metronome) and then select an ordinary sine or triangle wave into the same or another part, it gets played as a beep rather than a continuous tone - it uses the volume envelope for the beeps (only the sine and triangle are affected, all other continuous instruments work fine) - fixed

The option "Start rhythm at exact moment return key is pressed" in Bounce Options (Ctrl + 220) doesn't work with busy waits - fixed.

When you click the option to make the beeps metronome it plays a single beep - this was not intentional - fixed.

The option "Vary by BEAT TYPE e.g. /8 has two beats to every /4 beat" at the bottom of more version of Combine Rhythms (Ctrl + 217) is hard to spot, and in the Pro metronome it defaults to unselected. Moved it to the top immediately below the drop list. - fixed

When you change the selection of timer in e.g. Midi Timing Tweaks for Accuracy (Ctrl + 261) if you do it while the rhythm is playing, you may get a glitchy rhythm until you stop and start the rhythm again (because it is using a start time measured with a different timer). Fixed by automatically stopping the rhythm when user changes timer - not likely to be a nuisance since something you do rarely (would have been possible to keep the rhythm going with some extra coding but more likley to introduce bugs). - fixed

When you move highlight over the instrument menus, the preview plays wrong instrument (previously selected not current one) - fixed

If main window is set to hide the bouncing balls (e.g. for rhythmicon) and you do a reset everything or reset nearly everything, the bouncing balls no longer bounce until you reshow the main window (e.g. close and start up again) - fixed.

In Swing, Auto Accents and Time Signature Change - Preferences (Ctrl + 232) the options to keep skips, times and volumes when you change to a new time signature weren't working - fixed.

In Dance rhythms - or any other rhythms with skipped beats (Ctrl + 228) when you switch on the option "Adjust visible region to" and set it to say 50% the effect is not exactly as you would expect (the whole rhythm repeats twice, so when you edit it, you find e.g. a two measure rhythm has notes for 4 measures to edit in Beats volumes and times (Ctrl + 76)) - anyway fixed.

When set to Opts >> SPLIT MAIN WINDOW then on change to or from the bounce on lyrics, then main window gets resized to whatever it was before making the buttons either too small or too large. - fixed.

You can't enter a number greater than 127 for the number of beats for the part in Show All Parts (Ctrl + 9). - fixed

Rite of Spring extract preset rhythm example in Automatic Tempo and Rhythm Changes (Ctrl + 245) was missing one measure, should be 2/4 3/16 2/16 3/16 3/16 2/8// cue 142 2/16 3/16 3/16 2/8 3/16 // cue 143

3/16 5/16 2/8 3/16 2/8// cue 144 5/16 5/16 2/8 3/16 2/8 3/16 // cue 145

2/16 3/16 2/8 3/8 // cue 146 3/16 2/16 3/16 2/8 2/16 // cue 147

3/16 3/16 2/8 // cue 148 3/8 2/8 2/8 2/8 2/8 2/8 // cue 149

3/8 2/8 2/8 2/8 3/8 2/8 2/8 // cue 150 2/8 3/8 3/8 2/8 2/8 // cue 151

Was missing the second 3/8 for the section starting at cue 150 - fixed

Friday 26th April 2013

When set to Opts >> SPLIT MAIN WINDOW then on change to or from the bounce on lyrics, then main window gets resized to whatever it was before making the buttons either too small or too large.
- fixed.

You can't enter a number greater than 127 for the number of beats in Show All Parts (Ctrl + 9).
- fixed

harmonic polyrhythms like 4:3 - the visual bounce area extends over part of the tempo dial
- fixed

Wednesday 24th April 2013

Fixed some code for the 3D tempo dial caching which could possibly have buggy visual results.

Saturday 20th April 2013

On start test drive, the start test drive message is shown twice
- fixed

Save as Midi doesn't work if you have busy waits switched on
- fixed

Humanize Timings and Volumes (Ctrl + 184) humanize timings only included if you add melodic instruments
- fixed

When you click to show next or previous part in 3D bounce tempo dial, the text for Part disappears. Also doesn't show the musical note in 3D bounce window.
- fixed

Thursday 18th April 2013

When you Bounce Metronome starts up you may get a message "Open file by association: the handle is invalid" - before the program appears on the screen. - fixed

Accessibility fixes for blind users

Removed various things in some of the windows that still refer to graphics only of interest to sighted users. These are just mistakes arising because many of the windows are created by removing content from windows for sighted users.
- fixed

When you try to navigate a drop list with the arrow keys, the tempo changes instead. You might find you can't select any of the items in the drop list by using normal methods - for instance, for the drop list of metronome types in the main window
- fixed

When you go to the Help window then the tab doesn't work as expected when you try to navigate to the check boxes in the window. You might have to simulate a mouse move and mouse click to get to them
- fixed.

When you press the Escape key then the window with the keyboard focus gets shown full screen - this is a useful feature for sighted users but of no use for blind users and can interfere with normal use of the Escape key.

Have added new options to enable the Escape key just for the 2d and 3d boucne windows (where it can be useful for full screen presentations to sighted users), or not at all. Defaults to never change to full screen, for the screen reader friendly version of Bounce Metronome
- fixed

When you navigate through Non Melodic Percussion (Ctrl + 21) with the tab key, when you get to the button for Multi Instruments Menu (Ctrl + 37) then this window opens immediately when you tab to the button, disconcerting
- fixed.

There were several tips and featurs for sighted users still in the No Graphics version of bounce. Got rid of many of them but there may still be some left.
- fixed

Tab key doesn't work for the Set Tempo window
- fixed

Your screen reader might not be able to read the entry in a list in Tune Smithy - e.g. in Choose OUT DEVICES and PARTS to play for each device (Ctrl + 41) or Show All Parts (Ctrl + 9)
- fixed

Other accessibility fixes

Minor improvement in the white on black and black on white skins (e.g. black background a bit darker and white background a bit lighter in 3D). - fixed

Other bug fixes

When you bring up the menu of all the windows (Alt + F3) you get a message saying that it is a Tune Smithy window not tested in Bounce Metronome
- fixed

Some alignment issues for the Bounce outside ellipse, also the bounce sometimes goes in an unexpected direction for this same option - fixed

If you set it to 1/4 with 4 subdivisions (say) it doesn't count subdivisions but instead counts the beats as 1 2 3 4 just as for 4/4
- fixed

You may get some error messages when the program starts up: "Open file by file association - the handle is invalid". It's actually caused when the program looks for file associations for various file types, and doesn't find anything installed to handle them. Actually it is not a problem if the user has nothing installed to handle those file types unless the program needs to show them by file association (which might never be needed for some file types and some users) - and if so it can show the error message at the time when the user needs to see it, rather than during start up, so that is what Bounce Metronome does now. Also redid the message to make it clear to the user what the issue is.
- fixed.

Monday 18th February 2013

When you save a file, you may get a message about overwriting old files, saying if you don't want to see this message again, uncheck it in the file menu. But when you look in the file menu you don't find an option to do with overwriting files. Just forgot to put it in (it's old code from Tune Smithy which does have it in the file menu). Have added it as a check box instead, to Recently visited Files and File Types - Options (Ctrl + 194) and updated the messages to match. - fixed

Record to file (Ctrl + 11) may be slow to appear on the screen first time it is shown - fixed

The white on black skin has many controls still using colour, the tips are black on white instead of white on black, and the same for the help: black on white instead of white on black, and script background is white instead of black. - fixed

The white on black and black on white skins both had some icons still that were hard to distinguish with high contrast vision requirements - fixed

In some situations the colour coded tempo dial centre colour may not change when you change to another part (in theory this bug could also affect other colours but for some reason that's the one that changes) - fixed

Bounce on lyrics full screen window was only an option for the Split main window layout - this was because it was impossible to show the separate bounce on lyrics window at the same time as the bounce on lyrics in the main window - this is now sorted out so it can be done. - fixed

Hide all graphics button is not the first button on the window for many of the versions of the main window - fixed

Some of the graphics in the white on black skin still used some colour - e.g. the volume bar in the main window - also a few elements in the black on white skin as well. fixed

Fixes a lot of glitches in the bounce on lyrics mentronome type from the drop list.

If you have several chord progressions playing simultaneously in more than one part at once, then you may get one of the parts not playing at all. Also may get notes sustained never switched off - fixed

When you have a chord progression and then skip beats in the rhythm, the chord progression plays consecutively through the non skipped beats only. Should play on both skipped and non skipped beats (silent on the skipped beats so no chord heard) - otherwise will get very complicated to work with to do chord progressions for complex rhythms - fixed.

Export of Bounce on Lyrics in EXPORT ANIMATION, or Print or Copy (Ctrl + 234) puts the bouncing ball in the wrong place - fixed.

If you set the custom beats per measure to more beats than there are originally in the rhythm, say to play 16 beats (for a 4 beats per measure rhythm) and then set it to skip a beat in Beats volumes and times (Ctrl + 76) then the bounces are played correctly but the sound skips a beat in every copy of the original rhythm instead of following the new custom "beats per measure" to decide when to skip a beat - fixed

Sometimes when you hover the mouse over the title bar of a window you don't see the tool tip for that window appear - fixed

If you maximize a window using the Escape key on a double monitor system it sometimes maximizes to the wrong monitor - fixed

With animated skins switched on, then all the buttons in the bounce on lyrics window flicker - fixed

Separate main window flickers if focus set to main window, and set to single image texture while rest of skin set to an animation - fixed

On make new skin, same colours as before, resets the text colour to magenta - fixed

Tempo at centre of tempo dial disappears during animations for animated 3d bounce sky - fixed

"Skin" Button not working in More version of Skin Animations (Ctrl + 241) - fixed

Access violation if set fps to 0 in Skin Animations (Ctrl + 241) - fixed

Some windows such as the PC keyboard player flicker during animated skins - and colour wheel also flickers - fixed

You can't delete an animated skin using the delete button in Skins (Ctrl + 162) - fixed

Visual glitches for a few seconds when creating a new animated skin by browsing for the mp4 / avi etc or when creating a slide show from a folder - fixed.

Some other animated skin glitches - fixed.

Thursday 7th February 2013

The tool tip with the list of keyboard shortcuts like this one can be confusing to read because one line may get partly shown on the next line of the page or tip
LEFT CLICK to HIDE - or show this PART
MIDDLE CLICK to adjust volume
SHIFT + RIGHT CLICK to change instrument
- now fixed by devising a way to let the line end precisely where I want it to go when editing the tool tip text. - fixed

In rare situations you can end up with two copies of the main window in a single instance of Bounce Metronome - and then the graphics gets confused in one of them as this is not meant to happen. - fixed.

Sometimes the backspace tempo tap works as a normal backspace key when you click on a new text field even before you start editing - fixed

When user edits the list of rhythms in Tempo Dial - Preferences (Ctrl + 223) the list of tempi doesn't automatically expand or contract to match the number of rhythms - fixed

Some of the help tool tips had many blank lines in them - fixed

In Beats volumes and times (Ctrl + 76) the skipped beat controls only get shown after you adjust the times or volumes for the notes (including accents, swing etc) - fixed.

It gets confusing if nearly all the notes are shown as accented, which can happen if you adjust the beats volumes by hand Actually there is an option to deal with this in Bouncing Balls - Visuals - Controls, Text and layout (Ctrl + 233) (go to More several times) where it says: "if over" and if you switch the option on it says "if over [45] % of the way to max".

It just was preselected to switched off, and it makes a better default to have it preselected to switched on - fixed.

Can't switch off "autoswitch off for text editing" for backspace key in Tempo Dial - Preferences (Ctrl + 223) also often does editing instead of backspace tap when you first click on an edit field if you then try the backspace tap at tempo before editing it - fixed.

In help window the text may be clipped along the bottom of the window especially if you show it maximized - that's because it is programmed to show as much area for the help itself as possible so should use a maximum size fo text as well for the buttons and check boxes along the bottom and wasn't - fixed

The middle button option to adjust the volume for a beat didn't do anything if you clicked on a skipped part of a beat - fixed.

If you edit the list of right click accent levels the result might be unexpected if you close that window and reshow it, then it may add an extra 0% or 50% accent level or some such and ignore one of the values you typed - fixed

The right click tap at tempo option wasn't working at all, and the option to right click to adjust volume as well as accent level depending where you click on the beat also wasn't working as it should - fixed

If you right click on the coloured parts controls to the left of the bounce display to silence or play a part, and then immediately right click again to return to previous state - doesn't show the second change until you move the mouse out of the control - fixed

Very long notes such as tied breves are shown incorrectly in the bouncing balls display and tempo dial etc. - fixed

Percussion menu Non Melodic Percussion (Ctrl + 21) is missing some of its instruments such as the low agogo, and when you use Bounce Metronome melodically, in some situations some note names may be shown incorrectly (the two bugs are related because Bounce reads the instrument map as a list of midi note names). This bug was introduced in the new option to customize the note letters, sorry. - now fixed.

Tuesday 5th February 2013

Fixed various bugs in the way notes are counted when set to fractional beats per measure, or when, in Dance rhythms - or any other rhythms with skipped beats (Ctrl + 228) you spread the measure out so you only see a fraction of the measure in the bounce window.

With auto beam switched on, if you put a tied note at the end of the rhythm for a part, then follow it with a P for the next part, the tie gets "stuck" to the P and can't be put onto the next line as you would hope. - fixed.

Also a tied note at the end of the rhythm for a part gets played incorrectly, it joins that rhythm on to the next part instead of tying the last note to the first note of the part. as expected - fixed.

Very long notes such as tied breves shown incorrectly in the bouncing balls display and tempo dial etc. - fixed

Fixed several bugs in Automatic Tempo and Rhythm Changes (Ctrl + 245). Especially - if set to a mixture of time signatures with different note values e.g. 3/4 mixed with 6/8 and if also set to use the tempo dial tempo, and the tempo dial set to show the a fixed note value, in some circumstances, it can play some of the time signatures at the wrong tempo. Same also if set to show the tempo for quarter notes. Also several other related minor bugs in that window.

In Beats Per Measure for Counting System (Ctrl + 248) if you enter the custom beats per measures as e.g. "part1: .." with no space after the word "part", then it doesn't recognize it - fixed

In EXPORT ANIMATION, or Print or Copy (Ctrl + 234) if you do a polyrhythm morph export, then with some combinations of the settings the exported visuals don't synchronize with the sound - fixed.

In EXPORT ANIMATION, or Print or Copy (Ctrl + 234) then if you set it to show the tempo dial with decimal points shown in the centre of the dial, then the number of decimal points shown fluctuates during a gradual tempo change e.g. from 62 to 62.1 etc - should show as 62.0 during the gradual change to prevent text flicker, as it does when playing live - fixed.

In Bounce Patterns (Ctrl + 227) if set to bounce inside or outside ovals, and then you switch on "Skip bounces - just go around the oval" then the splashes in 2D may occur in the wrong place, and in 3D the ball doesn't exactly follow the oval - fixed.

For bounce inside oval, if you show from the conductor's point of view, then in 3D, if set spread out so each part is in a separate area of the screen, then the balls for the measure beat parts are shown close to the centre of the screen and in the wrong order - fixed.

free taster doesn't show graphics for option to show all the parts on top of each other or spread out in the bounce windows - fixed

Go silent briefly check box not checking in go silent window and in main window not updating. - fixed

Tempo dial doesn't update when you change the lower number for the custom tempo range in Set Tempo Dial Range, Tempo Names and Design (Ctrl + 252) - fixed

When you click on the part in the 3D tempo dial to change the part selection then the visuals don't update to match right away in the separate tempo dial window - fixed.

The play sound button may be hidden when you show the 2D bounce window full screenwithout title bar or border (using the escape key shortcut) - fixed

If you open loads of Bounce windows (like well over 100 of them) in one session then you may reach a limit of the number of gdi handles you can have open on Windows for all the buttons and text in all the windows. To deal with this, added the new option "Cache button visuals and text as images (may be useful for slow machines)" in the More (twice) version of General Options (Ctrl + 202). Defaults to switched off - when switched off, it removes all the cached visuals when you close a windows. You probably want to leave it switched off though it may be useful to switch it on on very slow machines if you often close windows and reshow them and find that the window is slow to appear when it is first shown. - fixed (for most users).

Wednesday 9th January 2013

When set to gradually changing tempo, the tempo on the dial can get changed after save of a midi file in Add Sound to Animation Export (Ctrl + 242) or using the Save As option in Instruments (Ctrl + 8) - fixed.

Option to show the tempo strip in EXPORT ANIMATION, or Print or Copy (Ctrl + 234) didn't do anything. - fixed

Text in tempo strip can be too small especially if window is large high resolution - fixed

When tempo strip is shown in 2D Bounce (Ctrl + 219) for a rhythm cycle using scripts (e.g. the polyrhythm cycles) then highlight for highlighted rhythm is shown as a rectangle that goes all the way down to the bottom of window, so crossing the tempo strip - fixed

Other minor bug fixes

Sunday 30th December 2012

You may get a heirarchy reversal message when you switch Rhythm Progressions on or off (also maybe in other situations) - fixed

Sunday 16th December 2012

In some situations when set to conducting patterns, measure beat bounce doesn't bounce high enough - fixed.

Position of text for selected rhythm in progression such as "2/4 .. .1st of 8 rhythms" in EXPORT ANIMATION, or Print or Copy (Ctrl + 234) depends on whether anti-aliasing is switched on. - fixed

Auto script always auto scripts upper case even if set to lower case - fixed.

Many bugs for the tempo and rhythm progressions, also various bugs in play script - all fixed.

Wednesday 21st November 2012

The Play button in C Sound Instruments for Parts (Ctrl + 169) which you use to preview the highlighted CSound instrument had no effect - fixed.

If you go to More or Less version of a window then forgets the position of the window in the screen so it resets to the default position (bug introduced in 16th november fix for full screen- fixed

When you save and open example projects - was saving and opening several settings that should be user specific - fixed.

Other minor bug fixes

Friday 16th November 2012

If you go to More or Less version of a window then use Escape to show full screen, on return to window resizes it to previous size before the More or Less. - fixed

Tuesday 13th November 2012

When you type a return into the custom beats per measure field in Beats Per Measure for Counting System (Ctrl + 248) while rhythm is playing, the rhythm pauses noticeably for a second or two. It doesn't stop the tune - because return key reverts to its normal function when used in a multi-line edit control - just causes a delay in the rhythm - fixed

In 3D Bounce (Ctrl + 224) the Time signature fields don't resize to larger text when you resize or maximize the window - fixed

In Beats volumes and times (Ctrl + 76) the option to use Shift + Yes for the Reset Beats for Part button - to reset all the beats for all the parts doesn't work (only resets the current part) - fixed.

In Bounce Options (Ctrl + 220) then if you set "Show at most ... balls bouncing together in each section" to more than 2 and have only 2 parts visible, and then show the ball bouncing inside an ellipse - then the inner ellipse is drawn too wide (width for a 3 ovals pattern rather than a 2 ovals pattern) - fixed.

If you have hidden measure beats, and set the rhythms in 3D Bounce (Ctrl + 224) to show side by side, then they may be shown staggered instead (because the "blocks" for the hidden part is shown in the wrong section in front of one of the bouncing balls that should be in the front) - fixed.

vertical scale in 3D Bounce - 3D Visuals (Ctrl + 226) has no effect on bounce height when exaggerate significant beats is selected - fixed

In Add Sound to Animation Export (Ctrl + 242) if the video save file name has an accent in it, then the midi save option saves a second copy of the midi file of length 0 with no accents in the file name. E.g. for Flamenco Compás.mid, saves a second midi file 0 length as Flamenco Compás.mid - fixed

When you have the option to add melodic instruments switched on, if you choose to show Hertz in Scale Notation and Number Options (Ctrl + 18) and then set the Shift pitch by to "modulate by interval" then it should show the values in Hertz - and doesn't - fixed.

Added a : after the "Compás" in: Flamenco Compás: 12 beat "Clock" (because Compás just means meter)

When you open previously saved projects, if saved with a different More or Less version of the windows, then the windows when you show them may be resized too small or too large causing the text to be too large or too small - fixed

The option "Fade bouncing ball depending on beat" in 2D Bounce - Other Visuals (Ctrl + 225) doesn't seem to have much effect on the 3D bouncing balls - this is due to the default in 3D Bounce - What to Bounce, Sprites and Textures (Ctrl + 239) set tp Ambient fade - this is the colour you get from ambient light from around the object rather than the colour "of the object itself" - so a more subtle effect. Should default to "diffuse fade" - fixed - though for backwards compatibility any previousy saved projects will use ambient fade as the default so they still look the same way as before - fixed.

Some glitches in the visual layout in 3D Bounce (Ctrl + 224). For instance sometimes some of the numbers are shown below the "sea" instead of on top of it for some rhythms - fixed

Tuesday 30th October 2012

Timing issue. One way to duplicate this issue - do the Reset for the free taster or basic or Pro metronome. Then set it playing. Maximize the main window and restore it several times while it is playing. You may then get the rhythm uneven or playing 2/4 instead of 4/4. Though still displayed visually as 4/4, with some of the bounces skipped.

Also had timing issues for polyrhythms and for the Echo part amongst others.

This is a recently introduced bug. Part of the code that helps keep the rhythm timing exact even when there is a lot going on on the computer got left out of the release build by mistake. It took a while to spot this, since if you use a fast machine with not much going on then the release can often manage fine for a long time, many minutes, without any timing glitches. When there were timing glitches I assumed there must be some hidden process on my computer causing the issues (as sometimes happened) maybe some recently installed program - and spent some time trying to track it down not realising it was a bug in Bounce that was responsible.

Also, most of the testing is done in the debug build for convenience which never had any timing glitches at all because this code was never removed from the debug build.

- fixed

If you show measure numbers for the polyrhythm cycles, then the measure numbers may jump in an unexpected way instead of increase steadily one measure at a time - fixed

The text for the measure number in the Bouncing Ball 3D window may be positioned partly off the screen or completely off the screen depending on how you view it - fixed.

File >> Open leads to error message in XP that file doesn't exist though when you click "open" it opens it fine - fixed

Other minor bug fixes.

Wednesday 3rd October 2012

A number of minor bugs fixed.

One major bug - though one that will probably only affect a small number of users. This is for complex additive rhythms with many time signatures played one after the other - if you show one of the windows that shows the entire rhythm in the title bar, you may get an access violation

- fixed.

Also fixed some bugs in the Help section of this wiki.

Wiki bug fixes

This is a bit of a tangent perhaps - but it is connected since a lot of the wiki pages here are made using Bounce.

The help in this wiki is automatically generated from the tool tip extra help in Bounce - so was a matter of fixing some minor bugs in how Bounce generated the wiki file for import. These bugs were mainly to do with the image maps - sometimes not aligned properly with the screen shots - and also sometimes with extra controls in them that shouldn't be there which "hid" the other tips in the image map.

Also fixed some bugs in the Bounce code used to auto generate all the screen shots for the help section of this wiki.

All fixed anyway.

Also set this wiki to use file caching which will make it more responsive to users, pages typically should load within a second of the click.

See Change Log#Wednesday 3rd October 2012

Saturday 29th September 2012

Did another update later today - if you change the time signature while Bounce is playing, you may find that the tempo changes when you stop play. To duplicate it- set the rhythm to say 4/4. Set tempo to 60. While the program is playing change the rhythm to 12/8. Stop play. The tempo resets to 20. This is due to some code that keeps track of how the tempo changes e.g. with the script and gradually changing tempo - you can adjust the dial even while the tempo is changing - and then when you stop play the rhythm resets to an appropriate faster or slower tempo to match. So - was dong that fine but in this situation the code was called twice so it did the same adjustment twice over making it too slow (in this case) or too fast. - fixed

You may get an access violation error message if you combine the echo part with a large number of extra time signatures played one after another. - fixed

With the polyrhythms such as pi or golden ratio beats per measure the note symbols for some of the parts get shown as dotted 64th notes in brackets (dotted hemi-demi-semiquavers) instead of e.g. dotted half notes (dotted minims) etc. - fixed.

See Change Log#Saturday 29th September 2012

Friday 28th September 2012

In some rare situations the windows become transparent to clicks, so that when you click on them your click hits the window underneath - whatever it is (or the desktop). - fixed

Another minor bug fix - in earlier versions of Bounce then the help for a control disappears from the help window if you move the mouse to the help window to read it and do that slowly- to read it you need to F1 or move the mouse quickly .

This update fixes that , You can move the mouse to the help window at a slow pace and the help will still be there when you get to it.

Some other very minor bug fixes,

Wednesday 26th September 2012

Fixes some bugs in Gradually Changing Tempo etc (Ctrl + 42) when you set it to show measures rather than times. The option to return to the start tempo didn't work correctly when set to show measures - also the stepping progressions didn't work as expected.

Also the first release of Bounce 4.3. sometimes forgets a few of your settings when you re-open a previously saved project - this is now fixed. It is fixed in a backwards compatible way so any previously saved projects will now read okay.

Several minor bugs fixed mainly to do with appearance - e.g. how the buttons and controls are textured in some of the windows.

The help used to disappear easily when you move the mouse to the help window to read it - you needed to use the F1 key to show it or move the mouse very quickly. This is now fixed with a new option to disable the tool tip help if the mouse is moving faster than a minimum number of pixels per second (configured in the More version of the help window).

In Bouncing Balls - Visuals - Controls, Text and layout (Ctrl + 233) the default for US notation was incorrect for users in US or Canada - fixed.

Help disappears from the help window if you hover the mouse over a button in that window which has help itself (e.g. its More button). Fixed with an option in the more version of Help For Tool Tip - F1 (Ctrl + 141): Disable tool tips for Help Window.

Some other very minor bug fixes, a bit technical to explain some of them, and not of much importance to most users.

Wednesday 2nd November 2011

Fixes some aliasing issues with the Wave Shape Player. To help with this, I added an anti aliasing check box to the More version of Wave Shape Instruments - Audio Format (Ctrl + 188) which should be preset to checked. Also added option for variable step sizes and nyquist divisor, preset to unchecked and 2.

Fixed an issue with the script tempo instructions, and added some new script instructions.

With some highly complex polyrhythms then if you make the rhythm it plays fine but after you close the program and start it up again, then the bounces are no longer in sync. with the rhythm. This bug turned up when I made the sonified pendulum waves, rhythms much more complex than you normally encounter when practising polyrhythms. Techy details: it was an issue to do with how 64 bit integers were saved to the .ini file. - fixed

Has a button to install an MFX plugin in More Midi In Options. (Ctrl + 92) - this doesn't do anything. They are just legacy code from Tune Smithy - and in FTS then the plugin is used for retuning - so doesn't play rhythms. Left out of Bounce intentionally. In FTS too it is there mainly for legacy reasons for any users who still use it from the past.

Some other minor bug fixes.

Friday 23rd September 2011

This is for the controls you can show next to the rhythm in 2D Bounce (Ctrl + 219) (and 2D bounce in the main window). When you click on the control to change instrument instead it shows / hides and unmutes / silences same as for the other control. Also gets confused about which control you clicked on if you use the option to show separate controls to show / hide or silence / unmute - fixed

In Beats As Text (Ctrl + 77) if you edit the numbers e.g. the times, and increase or decrease the number of times there - you would normally expect the number of beats for that part to change - but it doesn't - fixed.

In EXPORT ANIMATION, or Print or Copy (Ctrl + 234) some glitches in the way the time is worked out for the option to save exact bars - especially if you have edited the times first so that the average beat "time" in Beats As Text (Ctrl + 77) is more or less than 1. Also if you ecit the number of measures, if it needs to unselect "Auto set exact measures" then the time for the number of measures doesn't update (in fact, it doesn't accept your input until you edit it again). - fixed

When you first install the program you may get an access violation if you go to EXPORT ANIMATION, or Print or Copy (Ctrl + 234) and click on the button next to the field where you can enter the file name to save as - that button is supposed to take you to a list of most recently used save file names - but if you haven't saved any animations yet at all, it may cause an access violation instead - fixed.

in Bouncing Balls - Visuals - Controls, Text and layout (Ctrl + 233) it is rather easy to select or unselect the option to use US notation such as "quarter note" instead of UK "crotchet" - and if you do that by accident - all the windows need to be remade to take account of the change and can be confusing when that happens if you don't realise what you just did. Fixed by adding a message to confirm that's what you want to do first. - fixed

Monday 19th September 2011

The message saying an automatic update is available takes you to the wrong url for the download page and the What's New page. The download one could be fixed with a "301" automatic redirect at, so anyone who gets the alert will at least be taken to the right place to download it.

The "What's new" is a bit more tricky as the Bounce Metronome auto update was set to take you to the Tune Smithy "Whats new" - a legacy from when it was one of the tasks of Tune Smithy. The best I could do is to add a fairly prominent link through to the Bounce Metronome Change Log from the Tune Smithy page - and then to do this update so at least after updating, it is then fixed for future automatic updates.

- fixed - well as best as I can, for now and the future and with work arounds for the past versions of Bounce Metronome.

Sunday 18th September 2011

On some computers, during some fast rhythms the bouncing balls / batons may flicker momentarily to the wrong position then back again - fixed.

Thursday 4th August 2011

The option to fade alternate beats and subdivisions makes the bouncing balls very white in the 3D scene - especially noticeable for the 2D shapes bouncing in 3D as they don't have shadowed edges. - fixed. Also done so you can separately set so the shading is based on ambient lighting or diffuse lighting or both (open GL concepts, but anyway if you just try it out you can see which you like best).

Also if you look at the bouncing balls from different angles in 3D, then the colours change e.g. scene from on top - reason was because the lighting was fixed, not turning with the shape. I've added a new check box to turn the lights with the scene - so you get consistent lighting all the same just as you do if you move around a fixed scene with fixed lighting.

Lots of other minor bugs. A dozen or a couple of dozen in my detailed technical bug fixes list but looking at it just now can't spot anything else that particularly stands out to mention here. By way of example - if you have shadows with the sea hidden - you see that they are very thick and chunky - so needed thin shadows in that situation to make them look right.

Friday 15th July 2011

Option to edit the lyric in the Bounce on Lyrics main window not working - fixed

In EXPORT ANIMATION, or Print or Copy (Ctrl + 234) if set to hide the buttons and check boxes - then if you untick show tempo dial in 3D Bounce - 3D Visuals (Ctrl + 226) the buttons which should be hidden in EXPORT ANIMATION, or Print or Copy (Ctrl + 234) re-appear briefly (until you mouse over them) - fixed

Fixes a bug in processing of sustain pedal if you use a Midi In sustain pedal instead of the PC Keyboard keys such as caps lock etc as sustain. I expect few users will be affected, as it is probably a bit rare to use a sustain pedal with the metronome.

Friday 8th July 2011

The new option to do a Reverse buzz roll using Alt + click on the Buzz Roll button comes up with 10,000 times too much of a reverse buzz, so that some of the notes are so short they coincide(I did a divide by 100 instead of multiply by 100). It's okay after you edit the for "As a swing" in Beats volumes and times (Ctrl + 76) - fixed.

In some situations when you open a previously saved project you may find that the bouncing ball for part 3 gets hidden when it was originally visible - fixed

Some other very minor bugs fixed.

Tuesday 28th June 2011

In Choose OUT DEVICES and PARTS to play for each device (Ctrl + 41) - if set to Single Device - the list of devices fills the window as desired - but if you resize the window, it snaps back to half the width of the window (until you close the window and reshow it) - fixed

If you install Bounce Metronome while it is already running, the message that pops up asking if you want to close the old version first can get hidden behind the other program - fixed.

Sunday 26th June 2011

Fixed an access violation which you may get if you set the number of subdivisions very high, e.g. 17 subdivisions of 9/8, and then select the Star Polygon as the shape for the bouncing balls.

7:5:3 polyrhythm after save and reopen plays wrong rhythm - fixed, previously saved versions will read okay now. - fixed

This next one only makes a difference if you work with projects, and have made a custom reset project for one of the rhythm views. After you do the reset, when you go to File >> Open Project, then you will see that it opens to the folder with all the custom reset projects in it even if perhaps you were working with a different projects folder before. - fixed

If you have bouncing numbers simultaneously in the Larger window and the main window in 2D, for some demanding rhythms you may get the numbers occasionally swapping font so you get a number momentarily too large in the main window and vice versa. - fixed (was using the font for the wrong window sometimes).

Monday 6th June 2011

I've got a list of them here but it is rather long to put up.

Main bugs: The Flamenco rhythms with the bounce at 1, 8 or 11 to indicate start of beat - the bounce was glitchy (sound okay but the ball visually "jumped" at the end of the beat). Fixed.

The shadow in the 3D bounce window jumps up on top of the splash which you notice if you look at it close up. This was intentional, but I realise it doesn't look so good. So have made it so the shadow sits below the splash (though still with check box to put it above if you prefer).

When you switch on "Set for all parts" in the instrument menus, only does it for the currently list parts in the Parts window in the case where you have it set to only list parts in the current rhythm. So for instance if you set all the parts to a melodic instrument, then increase number of parts e.g. to make a rhythm with more parts in it -you find these parts still have the previously selected instrument.

fixed - now sets the instrument for all parts whether or not you can see them in the Parts window, which I think is what you would expect as user.

Many other minor bugs fixed.

Sunday 20th February 2011

If you use the new antialiasing export video option with the 3D bounce to export your animation as a video - the exported frames show only a quarter of the image you should see (top left quarter) and you get a memory leak as well

- fixed

Wednesday 9th February 2011

With the skin, if you have gradient fill switched on for plain background skin colour, then you may see dark lines at top and left of many of the check boxes and text in the window - fixed

If you save a skin with the buttons hot highlighted in a colour, then re-open it, may see them hot highlighted in another colour - because of confusion of the colours for all the windows and the colours for the main window. It was tricky to decide what to do there about backwards compatibility. But on assumption that if you used the feature perhaps more likely to have saved the skin and not re-opened it again, then uses the saved colours rather than the colours you would normally get on re-opening it.

Also the distinction of hot highlight colour in the last upload wasn't backwards compatibile (should use the pressed colour if an older skin is read) - fixed.

Other minor bug fixes

Tuesday 8th February 2011

Access violation which can occur in rare situations when you have 2D anti-aliasing switched on for the skins (as it is by default in Windows 7 and Vista). Also another access violation which can occur in rare situations.
- both fixed

Various other minor bugs.

Sunday 6th February 2011

Access violation if you use textures for the bouncing balls with the new 2D Shapes option
- fixed

Saturday 5th February 2011

Not showing seed etc. numbers above red arrows in new seed, scale etc. windows.
- fixed

If you use Shift F4 when you have either the skins buttons or skin animations window visible - then after that, keeps reshowing it even if later hide and do the Shift F4 again - fixed.

Text overflowing to left and right of the keys in the PC Keyboard Player - fixed.

Go silent briefly option doesn't switch off the notes - you don't notice this for non melodic percussion but notice for sustained notes.
- fixed

Various bugs fixed for the Wave Shape Player options to make a new wave shape instrument fixed

Also some very minor bugs in the Colours window.

===Friday 28th January 2011}}

The option: "For each section, step in by" in Bouncing Balls - 3D Visuals (Ctrl 226) was buggy when you had 2 or more bouncing balls per section and set it to something other than the default of 100% then the parts would overlap or have gaps between them - fixed

The conducting pattern option Show for part with most beats - does for least beats immediately after you make a rhythm using time signatures - though when you reselect from the drop list shows part with most beats as expected - fixed by adding a new field "Most recent time signature beats per measure parts with most subdivisions" to the More version of the Conducting Patterns window - so it keeps a record of the parts with most beats as well as the parts with least beats for each time signature.
- fixed

Splashes in wrong place for 1/4 conducting pattern, also for bounce inside ovals - both have the splashes at left hand side of the window instead of the ticks - fixed.

In some circumstances the animations were using a lot more CPU than they should
- fixed.

In the window you use to change the skin font - for some fonts e.g. Helsinki (new musical font which comes with Sibelius) which have no glyphs for most letters, then the sample text still does a preview anyway showing all the letters even ones not in the font. Actually the way it does it is to use the Tahoma font (on Windows 7 anyway) - but of course when you click Apply to see effect in the skin itself then you just get the music glyphs and many characters not shown at all.
- fixed for this upload by adding an alert in CAPS to the sample text when you select a font which doesn't map glyphs for all the letters in the sample text. (Could alternatively change the sample text field from a rich edit to a normal text control so that it displays the text exactly as it does for the skin itself).

Bounces not aligned properly with the bouncing balls for 2D bounce inside ovals with polyrhythms
- fixed.

Some minor glitches and alignment issues e.g. tiny gap at top of the vertical line that shows the volume in the main window, and a few buttons and controls fractionally out of alignment.

When you click on the part at top left of the Tempo dial to change to another part - the text colour changes right away but the background colour of the tempo dial doesn't change until you move the mouse out of the hover area
- fixed.

For the option to auto pan by position in chord wasn't auto panning notes correctly for broken chords for the chord progression
- fixed.

Option to show measure at the top of the 2D bouncing balls didn't show up in the export to video
- fixed.

Check box in the installer about the Bach musicological font rather easy to switch off (maybe looks as if you need to be a musicologist to install it??). Symptoms - after install you don't see musical notes, just strange symbols instead. So, changed the check box to read: "Install Bach 4.1 Font - NEEDED TO SHOW MUSICAL NOTES" which hopefully will deal with this issue.

Many other minor bugs and gui layout glitches fixed.

===Friday 14th January 2011}}

Another incorrectly played chord : Cm13dim11
- fixed.

Last upload was preset to show animated sky in 3D - which then shows the sea animation of just a single wave - should be preset to show skin as the sky - fixed.

===Thursday 13th January 2011}}

Chord progression player played some chords incorrectly including: C9#5, Cmaj6/7, C9aug5
- fixed.

Various very minor bug fixes mainly to do with visual appearance.

Friday December 31st, 2010

With the tap out a rhythm metronome, rhythm gets played back at wrong tempo. Also for tap at tempo in case where the tempo dial is set to show the same tempo for all the parts ditto.
- fixed.

When you apply swing to some of rhythms for the drum and dance metronome then doesn't work as expected
- fixed.

Friday December 24th, 2010

With the tap out a rhythm window, the option for any letter to end last tap of the measure wasn't working so you lost the last beat of the tapped out rhythm - fixed.

Splashes slightly out of alignment for conducting patterns for mixed meters - fixed.

Numerous other minor bug fixes

Tuesday November 30th, 2010

In Windows 7, When you switch on SMOOTH EDGES (anti-aliasing) in More version of Bounce Preferences (Ctrl 220) then lines which should be one pixel wide are instead faded in colour and two pixels wide - techy details: because of antialiasing, Direct 2D uses fractional pixel coordinates and to get a one pixel wide line from e.g. (0,0) to (0,100) as usually done you need to add 0.5 to all the coordinates in order to draw the line along the centre of the row of pixels ((0.5, 0.5) to (0.5, 100.5)) otherwise it spreads it out over two rows in attempt at antialiasing
- fixed

In 2d Bounce, if set to textures for e.g. the SKY image, and position is anything except TILE then the CPU usage may be very high - It's because of a routine I use called StretchBlt which is rather slow and gets called to stretch the image for every frame and is used for all the options apart from "tile".
- fixed.

In the Play Script (Ctrl 171) - when you silence or enable a part - the auto scripted instruction had no effect - fixed

If you have a repeat within another repeat and the inside repeat starts after the outside one, then wasn't playing it correctly - fixed.zs

Thursday October 28th, 2010

When run in Vista you may get a messsage every time the program starts up, something like:

Application failed to start because d2d1.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem

d2d1.dll is the dll used for Direct2D on Windows 7. This is used for smooth lines and edges for the 2D graphics when supported. If you don't have it, in some versions of Vista, you might get this message. XP also doesn't have it but normally lets the program run anyway without an error message, so it's a Vista issue.

- fixed

Thursday October 7th, 2010

Found a memory leak in the 3D bouncing balls animation (very small, just a few bytes per frame).

Other very minor bug fixes

Tuesday September 28th, 2010

For rhythms such as 5/4 over 6/8 etc - for some combinations of the rhythms one of the measures is played with the wrong number of beats, e.g. 3 instead of 6
- fixed

When you set one of the parts to play chords and label the beats with the chords for the beat - e.g. if set to measure beat - any of the other parts will show as beats numbered consecutively even if it is a part with subdivisions. E.g. in 4/4 with subdivisions, instead of counting it as 1 & 2 & ... will count as 1 2 3 4 ...
- fixed

Some other minor bugs.

Sunday September 26th, 2010

Skin colours for e.g. bouncing balls background don't update immediately when you change skin - fixed.

Reset All these colours - in the Colours window (Ctrl 7) has no effect - fixed.

When you open a previously saved project, doesn't recover the colours from the project unless you select User Specific settings in the Project Options window - fixed.

A few settings not recovered from saved projects - fixed.

Bounces slightly out of alignment with the ticks for some rhythms (e.g. mixed meters set to count as a single measure) - fixed.

Animated skin not showing the zoom icons for larger version of bouncing balls and tempo dial windows
- fixed.

Saturday September 18th, 2010

In Animated skin - recorded sound and colour wheel hue flicker occasionally, and other minor bugs for animated skin
- fixed.

Confused beat labels if first beat gets set to 0 length on click and drag - fixed.

With the Mixed Meters like 3 2 / 4 metronome, if you set it to Count beats as sub-beats with numbers for measures in Add More Rhythms (Ctrl 217) then the beats are counted correctly as sub-beats - but the measures are all counted as 1 so it counts as e.g. 1 1 instead of 1 2 - fixed.

Friday September 3rd, 2010

When you uninstall - and if you didn't choose the option to add file associations during the install - you get several error messages with the message "Administrator Priviledges needed". Actually the bug is that it shows this message when it shouldn't. Since there is no association to remove, then there is nothing to be done so no message should be shown to you. But I missed out a line of code so that it shows the same message it does if you try to remove the file association and fail.
- fixed.

Some other minor bug fixes.

Tuesday September 1st, 2010

If any of the bouncing balls is hidden, for option for sound to follow bouncing balls, sound no longer stereo pans. Probably would expect it to still stereo pan even with balls hidden, and sounds good like that - so now does
- fixed.

Swing metronome - standard settings should be set to Shuffle Entire Measure in Swing Preferences so e.g. you get the emphasis on beats 2 and 4 for jazz accents in 4 beat measure - also for pro metronome
- fixed

Sunday August 29th, 2010

First beat of measure for 4/4 with 4 subdivsiions is slightly too long (e.g. by 20 ms)
It was to do with the synchronisation of the stereo pan position with the position of the bouncing balls in the window, and the way the display of the beats in the rhythm at the bottom of the window changes at the start of each measure, how those three things interacted.

It was doing a bit of unnecessary extra stuff at the end of the first subdivision in the measure. Just needed to remove a line of code and it is okay now.
- fixed.

Unlock window uses main window text colour and background texture
- fixed

Woodgrain skin has blue text for all windows apart from main window - meant it to be maroon - fixed.

Text in the center of the tempo dial gets too small to read when it is small - it's the same with any of the windows - but with tempo dial with only one text field in it, you might well want to resize it very small. So made it so no matter how small the window is, you can't make the text in the center any smaller than four fifths of the system font (for now hard coded but could make that configurable).
- fixed

Slow to change to / from More versions of Record to File window - fixed.

minimalist version of Bounce preferences window should have option to start bounce when you play the notes as something you may well want to switch on / off early on when using the program.
- done

If you go to Options | Split main window - should show the tempo dial and 2D bouncing balls when you split it, resized so that they fill the screen together - instead just shows the main window - fixed.

Thursday August 26th, 2010

The bouncing lyrics only work if you show the lyrics text window - recently introduced bug - fixed

Bouncing lyrics and lyrics bouncing on words both get confused and miss out words for rhythms with skipped beats - now fixed by c

hanging the word mid beat for skipped beats. - fixed

For Flamenco clock, if you use the Accents or lilt volumes, then emphasizes the 6th, 8th and 10th beat okay but doesn't emphasize the 3rd beat with volume accents (though of course still reinforced by extra beat on another instrument) - fixed.

Other very minor bugs not worth mentioning, you mightn't even notice them if you encountered them just slightly confusing in minor ways.

Monday August 23rd, 2010

Auto set file name in Export Animation, Print or Copy (Ctrl 234) not getting the name from the lyric first line if it is a single line lyric
- fixed

When you use the option to right click to set the instrument for a beat individually - if you set the same instrument for two different beats, one of them gets set to "(none)"
- fixed.

Shows wrong numbers for the Flamenco metronome if set to show bouncing numbers or bouncing number words
- fixed

Some glitches in the option to stereo pan to follow the bouncing balls - particularly, often stereo pans to wrong locations in animation export, also sometimes when you adjust the audio sync. especially if set to play the visuals early rather than late, and in other situations too.
- fixed

Splashes show in wrong place for rhythms like 4/3 for conducting patterns - though the ball bounces in 4/3, the splashes are in 3/3
- fixed.

First note of last measure may get skipped for option to complete the last measure for animation save.
- fixed

Sunday August 8th, 2010

Keeps reshowing the help window and repositions the main window when you change to a different metronome
- fixed.

Audio conversion to real audio in Record to File (Ctrl 11) doesn't work with current version of RealProducer without tweaking - it needed a couple of extra command line arguments - now added as standard
- fixed

Bug in the lyrics for "Lavender's blue" making the bounces go out of sync. with the time signature (a couple of extra ~s in the wrong place)
- fixed

If you click on standard settings button (probably any button that displays a message box) when BM Pro hasn't got the focus, then message appears behind the main window
- fixed

When you do the standard settings for one of the Pro metronomes then switch on Swing, sets the swing - does switch on the swing okay but if you immediately you go to the Adjust Swing, Beats or Seed for part window, the numbers are shown as swing 200 to 200.
- fixed

If you switch on REVERSE ORDER PARTS for time signature rhythm in Bounce Preferences (Ctrl 220) with "except for bar beat" switched off, then the bar beat gets shown even when Bar Beat Ball is unchecked
- fixed

Shows the tempo incorrectly for some polyrhythms with fractional beats per measure - e.g. the golden ratio rhythm when you reverse order the parts for the time signature rhythm
- fixed

Some other very minor bug fixes.

Monday August 2nd, 2010

Numerous bug fixes. Too many to list here - I do have a list of them (as notes, with code snippets and full of programmer's jargon and routine names etc - so not readable by anyo

ne else "as is") - but it would be a long and very dull read to put it here even if I edit it to make it more readable by others. Nothing especially major but many things that might be minor nuisances.

Basically if you found something that didn't work quite as it should in Bounce Metronome Pro, there's a good chance it has been fixed in version 4.1. If you still find any bugs then [contact.htm be sure to let me know].

After all the work on developing many new features in the earlier updates of the last year or so, this was an opportunity to go over it again thoroughly and I found a surprising number of things to fix, more than I expected.

I have tests to prevent this happening. In fact, the main one is to play all the presets for all the metronomes and vary the most important settings for each metronome. This turns up the most important bugs since the most important thing is that the metronomes should play and sound correctly and typical bugs are be immediately noticeable because the rhythm doesn't sound right, or the bouncing balls aren't in sync. with them, or some other obvious buggy behaviour occurs.

The presets take you through the main features of the program so it is a reasonable coverage of the code as well. You can get sporadic bugs that happen on rare occasions only, but just playing the presets through turns up the most common types of bug.

As this is going on the debug version of the program will check various things and alert me if any error occurs. There are other self validating tests as well that pop up alerts while I'm working on the program. For instance when a bug occurs, and I fix it, then I may put various diagnostic alerts and other checks into the debug code to help trap similar bugs as soon as possible or to warn about the conditions that lead to them or are diagnostic of them. Then also I have projects saved from previous bug reports which I can test to check that they are still okay.

But it takes a while to do the tests - even with the automated tests you have to run the code responsible in order to get the alert about it - and when you have lots to do you, and so much more that you want to do and haven't programmed yet - sometimes you don't run the tests as thoroughly as you should sometimes. Probably I should spend at least a couple of days just running tests after a fairly major update - and just trying out the metronome presets and main features thoroughly.

Anyway, now with version 4.1, I feel that I now have a good reasonably bug free basis to build on for future updates, so in future it should be more bug free, hopefully.

Wednesday June 30th, 2010

With the new feature arrow key cycles through list of tempi to the Tempo Dial - Visuals and Preferences (Ctrl 223) if you select Up / Down arrow key also changes time signature - the rhythm changes okay but doesn't update the time signatures and subdivisions numbers in the main window and in Combine Rhythms (Ctrl 217)
- fixed

The Auto set feature in the More version of the Tempo Dial Options window was preset to UNSELECTED. This means that the notation in the tempo dial didn't update when you changed the rhythm. Reason it happened is - used to always do it automatically. When I added a new check box to let you decide if you want it to happen or not, forgot to preset the check box to selected.

When you save a midi file directly (rather than record as you play) with the option to pan to follow the bouncing balls switched on, the saved midi file doesn't pan at all - this is relevant if you want to make the sound to accompany a video of the bouncing balls - or just want to make a midi file with this form of panning
- fixed.

When you change the tempo, the "Quarter note =" fields in Combine More Rhythms - 18 more rhythms (Ctrl 218) don't update to show the new tempo - same also applies to the same fields in the More version of Combine Rhythms - up to 16 rhythms (Ctrl 217)
- fixed

Lots of other minor bug fixes.

Tuesday June 22nd, 2010

If you use the Render to File option in Waveform Instruments - Audio Settings (Ctrl 188) and use that to make an audio file to merge with the video in Export Animation, Print or Copy (Ctrl 234) - then often you get the notes in the recording get out of sync with the visuals.

It turned out to be to do with the Compensate for audio dropouts option in Waveform Instruments - Audio Settings (Ctrl 188) - a hidden option I hadn't thought was necessary to let the user configure. What happened was that you got any audio drop outs while playing it in order to render it - there would be no glitches in the rendered recording - but the timing of the notes would get changed to take account of the gaps you got while playing. Also even without audio drop outs - it took a moment or two to just start the recording at the start of the file and that time also got subtracted, so making first note slightly too short and so putting all the other notes out of sync.

Fixed by switching off the compensation while rendering. Also made it visible for user to adjust in More version of the window.

Fixed numerous other bugs and minor glitches.

Wednesday June 2nd, 2010

When you set it to label subdivisions, then they may be labeled incorrectly for the polyrhythm metronome e.g. 1 a a a a a instead of 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (treats entire measure as one counting unit) - fixed

For the option to label the first row only, if the first row is hidden no labels are shown - updated so it labels the first Visible row - fixed

If you use the Set Pulse check box for the Drum metronome - then when you exit and then restart the program it gets unchecked. This is because the metronome rhythm was getting remade when the program starts up - that is if set to automatically remake the rhythm if changed - was because it treated the font setting and colour changing done by the program at start up to make sure the rhythm is displayed correctly (e.g. with the musical font) as a user edit - fixed.

The auto set file name for the animation export should truncate at the ! for rhythms for the Drum and Dance metronome that have comments and wasn't doing that - fixed.

If you switch on / off any of the checked menu items in the menus for any of the windows apart from the main window, then the menu gets reshown as it should - but with no visible change in the check state. After moving mouse away from the menu then reshowing the menu you see that it has actually changed but not immediately (works okay in main window menu) - fixed.

Fixed a bug that could cause occasional glitches of various types - hard to categorise, but might include access violations.

If the Timidity Volume is outside the range of 0 to 800 in Add sound to Animation Export (Ctrl 242) then you get no sound in the saved recording. This is a Timidity feature, so just added a message to explain to the user what happens and warn if you enter a number outside the range.

Friday May 28th, 2010

You may get an access violation on rare occasions - fixed. Various other minor bug fixes.

Wednesday May 19th, 2010

If you use an accent or similar in the description of the rhythm, before the ! e.g. "Compás", this is for the rhythm edit for the drum metronome, then it gets shown as a musical note, symbol or rest instead of an accent - reason is because the musica

l font uses symbols for the musical notes where the accents and other characters are located in a normal font. Fixed by using a different font for the text before the !
- fixed

Counting subdivisions wrongly for some complex rhythms with Set Pulse switched off - discovered it with the Flamenco Compás with subdivisions into sixteenth notes.
- fixed

File | Save As Project - saves in folder for most recent animation save if you did the animation save with the option to automatically save a project for the saved animation. You don't want this to happen because you want to remember the location where you last opened or saved projects you made yourself, not the location for automatically saved projects you just need on rare occasions e.g. to recover the settings for a previously saved animation
- fixed.

For the Make rhythm with pulse (for swing or accents) varying to fit emphasis and if you set it to count beats and subdivisions, then the last beat in the Flamenco Compas rhythm is counted as 5 a instead of 5 &
- fixed

Shows beat numbers all as e.g. 4 (or whatever the number of beats in the bar is) for the new option start count at number of beats in bar when set to beats without subdivisions - fixed.

Some other minor bug fixes

UNFIXED BUG - for Vista or later

This next bug unfortunately is an unfixed bug and with no plans to fix it (I think it is the only known unfixed bug in BM Pro as of writing this). Fixing it will be tricky, and I'll probably give that a miss for now since hardly anyone will be affected by it.


In Vista, if you put more than about 5460 characters (depends on the font and the character) into a single line drop list or edit text window then the text goes blank. No solution to this, just have to work around it and make sure any text areas that need large amounts of text normally are multi-line and set to word break (text vanishes if multiline without word wrap).

It's rare to need to do this though. Situation where I found it happening - if you show a New Scale window (Ctrl 5, e.g. for the Fractal Tune Metronome) - then set the scale to 0.1 cents - then click Expand - then the text will go blank because it needs about 15 K characters, each quite a few pixels wide for the standard gui font, which takes you well over the 32K pixel limit.

DETAILS about why it happens

Same thing happens with other programs - either goes blank - or else the program auto truncates (e.g. to 256 characters). E.g. happens with drop lists in Internet Explorer - though FireFox seems to be okay presumably has its own custom control which doesn't use this method.

It is due to a 32K pixel limit on pre-composed glyphs - all text areas in Windows Vista displayed using the standard text controls for Vista go blank if the text to be displayed needs a display area wider than 32K pixels before scrolling - see SetLimitText() in a CEdit in Vista does not work (I'm not actually using a CEdit here, but same principle applies). Doesn't happen in XP because it doesn't do pre-composed glyphs.

"The primary difference between the Edit control on Vista and on XP is that the Edit control on Vista pre-composes its glyphs for better international support (internally, it ends up calling ExtTextOut with ETO_GLYPH_INDEX and an array of glyphs rather than a string of characters. This ends up saving the glyph indices into a metafile and so runs into the 32k pixel limit. When too many characters are provided, ExtTextOut fails and draws nothing. The Edit control on XP doesn't precompose the glyphs and so doesn't have this problem, but won't handle international characters as well. "The edit control on XP will clip at 32k, but since that is offscreen it isn't obvious. When scrolling to the right, it starts with the first visible character so the visible part of the control is always earlier than 32k pixels."

See the post to find out more.

Is this an issue with XP as well?

From this quote, it seems XP still has a 32 K pixels limit on the width of the text but it only applies to the text that fits into the display area not the entire line - so not an issue with XP unless you use an ultra high resolution display. Ordinary home displays are nowhere near this resolution at present but some high end displays do approach or exceed it.

The highest display resolutions available today can go over this limit e.g. 35,640 by 8,000 pixels}} for the Hiperspace Wall at NASA for instance is more than 32K (32,768) pixels using OptiPortal. (list of other high resolution multiple tile displays here).

Website about Hiperwall here

In principle you might also be able to go as wide as you like with the Mersive technology which lets you merge together any number of projectors to make truly huge display areas. Screen shot here

So maybe some time in the future we will see displays as high resolution as this at home. Anyway, it seems if you used a display like that then a text area which spread right across the wall from left to right and full of text all the way along, it would go blank even in XP with standard controls because it would be too wide for the standard edit control to paint.

But currently it is really only an issue for Vista or later on typical display resolutions.

Wednesday May 12th 2010

For bounce inside (or outside) ovals, when you skip all the beats except one in a rhythm, then in the 3D bounce the ball does a complicated motion with an extra sway to it instead of just going up and down or back and forth. What it was is that

when you have two or more bounces, you need to shift the ball away from the oval by the radius of the ball, so that the edge of the ball touches the oval on the bounce rather than its centre. The direction of that shift varies as the ball goes around inside the oval. When bouncing in just one direction on a single impact point then you don't need to vary the direction of the shift - and the extra sway was caused by varying the direction of the shift when it didn't need to be done.
- fixed

Bounces for innermost of several concentric ovals were smaller than you'd expect - fixed.

This bug fix changes the way the Adjust measure beat bounces feature works in the More version of Bounce Patterns (Ctrl 227). So changed the preset value for that to 100 instead of 500. The old 500 value is too large anyway for measure beat bounce inside ovals (i.e. for parts with one beat to the measure), though about right and roughly equivalent to the new version when you have a rhythm with lots of beats, all except one of them skipped. So not sure what to do there. If it was a valuable feature to keep the old way of doing things I'd add in a special check box, but as it is seems best just to update to new way of doing the bounces, and forget any values entered there by users before, which is likely to create a similar effect since main reason someone might want to tweak this before was to deal with the old buggy behaviour. So hope this is okay. If you tweaked it for some other reason, you'll need to do it again with this new version as I can't think of any easy way to do that automatically.

However it is a very minor and probably rarely used feature so hope not many will be affected by this.

If you adjust individual beat times after setting up a fractional polyrhythm (rarely used feature) - the number field in the centre of the tempo dial shows a very large value for the tempo - e.g. 500 times the expected tempo and if you click on the tempo dial to set tempo - then rhythms gets very slow indeed.
- fixed

in 3D shows too many dots for the g^2 especially and also g and g^3 in 1 g g^2 g^3
- okay in 2D
- fixed

When you use or - on the num pad to play or silence all the beats, the tool tip to show what you did shows the key pressed as e.g. 'm' instead of ' ' which is confusing - fixed.

Check box Reverse order parts for time signature rhythms has unexpected effect if used for the Drum and Dance Metronome. It remakes it as a rhythm for a time signature instead of the expected rhythm - fixed

Other minor bug fixes.

Wednesday May 5th 2010

Minor bug fixes

Thursday April 29th 2010

When you ask me for and get a second test drive - if you start the test drive after the previous one has expired, it still shows as test drive expired (from the old test drive) so you can't use your second test drive key
- fixed

On first save script after install, saves into program folder instead of scripts sub-folder
- fixed

When you split the Car Tunes metronome window using Options | Split then the ball bouncing on the lyrics may not bounce so smoothly - same for Lyrics window shown with any of the metronomes
- fixed.

When set to use the fast timer in the Bounce Preferences (More version of the window), then bouncing ball on lyrics doesn't work except in main window (& not when split)
- fixed

When you have "auto rescale textures to fit individual windows" selected - doesn't auto rescale the texture to the height of the About window - and ditto for the Start Test Drive, Buy Now or Unlock window
- fixed.

Friday April 16th 2010

In 11/4 with two subdivisions, the bouncing ball visuals skip back half a beat between 8 1/2 and 9 beats in the bar - was due to rounding errors in calc of ( 15/22 ) * 15
- fixed

For the Fractional Polyrhythm Metronome or Fractional Harmonic Metronome - If you change the rhythm while it is playing with fractional beats per measure (e.g. PI beats per measure etc) the bouncing balls may get out of sync. with the sound - gets back in sync when you stop play and start it again. Also when you set the bouncing balls to follow a conducting pattern with fractional beats per measure, the splashes may splash in the wrong place
- both bugs fixed

Other minor bug fixes

Monday April 12th 2010

When the ball bounces in 3D with elastic bounce switched on, the baton lengthens momentarily at the moment of the bounce - fixed.

(It also squashes like the bouncing ball but that looks okay somehow, so left it like that for now).

For 3D bounce set to bounce inside ellipse, if set to show "cone only" then the tip of the baton doesn't quite touch the ovals (or the dots on the ovals) for any of the beats after the first beat - fixed.

Other minor bug fixes

Wednesday March 31st 2010

in main window shows as e.g. beat QUARTER NOTES and DOTTED EIGHTH NOTES when it should say beat QUARTER NOTES and TRIPLET EIGHTH NOTES
- fixed.

Tuesday March 30th 2010

Missing the centre circle in the tempo dial around the number - newly introduced bug with the last upload (removed it for the bare bones tempo dial and accidentally removed it for the normal tempo dial at the same time)
- fixed.

Monday March 29th 2010

For Bouncing Ball Colours - in Colours (Ctrl 7) - when you scroll down the text, the colour patches to left of the text should scroll down as well - don't.
- fixed

Record to File window - Record Control button just brings up the volume mixer on Win 7 - because there is no Record Control in Win 7. Now brings up the Sounds applet from the control panel so you can go to the Recording tab to adjust what you want to record from (microphone, "what you hear", etc).
- fixed

Other very minor bug fixes.

Thursday March 18th 2010

If you change the main window to full screen (e.g. with Escape key shortcut) - then change metronome with it still full screen - it doesn't fill entire screen.
- fixed

Conducting pattern for 6/8 with two subdivisions per beat wasn't as intended - fixed

Sound out of sync with animations for Export Animation for rhythm cycles - fixed.

Bugs in the way the rhythm cycles were displayed in the 2D bouncing balls window - should show all the rhythms in the cycle across the bottom of the window - but wasn't doing that any more - newly introduced bug - fixed.

Many other minor bug fixes.

Thursday February 25th 2010

Not replacing some US note names with UK note names when set to show UK note names. E.g. shows "quarter notes" instead of "crotchets" etc.
- fixed

Shows program name twice in main window caption.
- fixed

When you adjust the lilt volume in main window, adjusts the lilt volume for all parts. You can still adjust volume for individual parts in ... This is probably what user will expect to happen.

- fixed

Pause button stops the sound but doesn't stop the visuals in the 3D window if the rhythm is very fast - fixed

Some bugs in the print and page setupEXPORT ANIMATION, or Print, or Copy (Ctrl 234)

Monday January 15th 2010

Fixed a number of minor bugs of a techy nature - most users will rarely encounter them and may very well not notice them if they do.


Also fixed a sporadic access violation that may occur very rarely for the 3D bouncing balls.

Also fixed many very minor bugs in the way the skins worked

Also fixed some bugs in the animation save. Particuarly - the sound had a 0.1 second delay so the sound was a bit after the visuals in the animation - unless you set this delay to 0 in the Midi File Options window. Also some of the details of the sky for the 3D visuals you see in the program itself didn't get saved to the video - fixed.

Installer for: 11th January 2010

Monday January 11th 2010

Fixed minor bugs in sync of visuals with the sound played especially on slower machines.

Installer for: 11th January 2010

Monday December 28th 2009

Fixes some bugs in the synchronisation of the sounds played with the visuals. Also Ctrl Shift Z undo doesn't work for skipped beats - fixed.

Installer for: 28th December 2009

Monday December 21st 2009

Many minor bug fixes and improvements in the synchronisation of the sound with the bouncing balls.

Installer for: 21st December 2009

Thursday November 26th 2009

Minor bug fixes

November 24th 2009

The new tap timing option used the time for the most recent frame for the bouncing balls instead of interpolating and using the actual time of the tap when between two frames. This makes the tap timing much less accurate than it can be.


Other minor bug fixes.

November 5th 2009

Program may stop responding in some situations when you browse for a new file to change the sky texture - fixed.

When you move the mouse over the 3D bouncing balls with the 3D hot highlighting switched on the animation may pause until you stop moving the mouse - this was because it was hit-testing the 3D scene for every position of the mouse, which could be many times a second with fast movement.

Fixed with more efficient hit testing. The highlighting feels just as responsive but the animation isn't interrupted.

November 4th 2009

Uses a lot of CPU when paused showing a movie, similar to amount used when playing it - fixed.

About window shows operating system as Vista when it's Windows 7 - fixed.

Stack fault when reading some previously saved projects - fixed.

November 3rd 2009

Resource leak while showing subtitles in srt format - fixed.

November 2nd 2009

If you enter a rhythm such as 4 8/5 (polyrhythm, without the 1 for the bar beat) in the Fast numerical entry window, then play the bouncing balls with sound, the bouncing balls vanish after two bars - fixed

The bounce back option wasn't working correctly with polyrhythms - fixed.

November 1st 2009

Sorry - with the last upload yesterday, you got an access violation if you tried to load a .ts file - it's because with the new video options you can use a .ts video format file as an animation for the sky, bouncing balls etc, so when you open it via the Open dialog, it tried to read the .ts file as a video file - but then later in the code assumed that it was a Tune smithy file - basically got confused about what type of file it was opening.

To deal with it I've just disabled reading of .ts video files for now if you try to open them via File | Open - something probably not many will need to do. This is something that will need a bit of thought to do properly but an immediate fix was needed.

Also fixed some other minor bugs.

- fixed.

Thursday September 24th 2009

The Goto and Label script instructions weren't working

- fixed.

When you use the Get Project button in avi window, adds .tsProj to the old avi file name then when you save the animation then you get error message and won't save the animation and you see that the file extension has changed.

- fixed.

Tuesday September 22nd 2009

Fixed many minor bug fixes in the 3D visuals to do with exact synchronisation of the bounces with the dots mainly to do with the bounce outside or inside ellipses.

- fixed

Glitchy tool tips for the Part number you can click on at the top of the tempo dial - fixed.

Thursday September 3rd 2009

Fixed many minor bug fixes in the 3D visuals to do with exact synchronisation of the bounces with the dots mainly to do with the bounce outside or inside ellipses.

Fixed bugs and improved the layout for the Song Car Tunes bounce on lyrics. Fixed a number of bugs in the Song Car Tunes metronome, especially - the Split version of this window didn't work properly and obviously also the user would want to see the lyrics with the bouncing ball for this metronome rather than the bouncing balls as a separate display, for the preset layout for the main window split into separate windows - fixed.

Numerous bug fixes, mainly to do with the visuals and the bouncing lyrics particularly. Too many to list individually, most also are either minor, or for rarely encountered situations. To give an example - with the bouncing words, in the 2D window, the splash shadows didn't perfectly shadow the splashes, they would start too small and then expand slightly out of sync with the originals.

Quite a few of the bugs indeed are to do with the Car Tunes and Bouncing Words, or minor user interface glitches, minor alignment issues and such like.

Fixed a minor issue to do with the 3D bouncing balls - you might not see the tempo dial in some circumstances (for me, it happened in Windows 7 but it was to do with minor details of how OpenGL worked so I think most likely that it turned up because I had a slightly different OpenGL setup after installing windows 7 on the computer) - anyway, now fixed.

Friday August 21st 2009

In the 3D bounce window, you may find that there is no tempo dial shown (and no clouds texture in the sky) - fixed.

Saturday August 15th 2009

Fixed a number of bugs, particularly to do with the 3D view, mainly to do with the beat numbers and words.

Sunday August 9th 2009

Fixed a number of bugs, particularly to do with the 3D view, and the bounces inside ellipses.

Monday July 6th 2009

More very minor bug fixes for the Car Tunes Lyrics with bouncing balls main window metronome.

Friday July 3rd 2009

Minor bug fixes for the Car Tunes Lyrics with bouncing balls main window metronome.

Wednesday July 1st 2009

After adjusting the slider for swing, if you press any key, mouse keeps warping to slider to show tip - fixed.

On edit lilt volumes for all, lilt changes instead of lilt volumes - fixed

Could add text "- silenced" to silenced parts in BB display - Done

When you edit the text in Fast numerical entry for Polyrhythms and Additive Rhythms (Ctrl 89), if set to play harmonic metronomes, the display for the bouncing balls doesn't update immediately to new rhythm. Updates when you move the mouse over the bouncing balls display

- fixed

Other minor bug fixes.

Saturday June 27th 2009

Several minor bug fixes. The Tap for rhythm shortcuts weren't working - because they interfered with the silence / play shortcuts - fixed.

Monday June 22nd 2009

Numerous minor bug fixes. As this is also a major revision of the layout of the program, it's probably not that useful to list them individually.

Monday May 18th 2009

If you open a previously saved rhythm, though the rhythm plays correctly, and bounces are displayed okay, sometimes the blocks below the bouncing balls in the main window or bouncing ball window don't look right - fixed.

Access violation if you show a window using Ctrl the title for the window for some windows, e.g. Ctrl "undo" (only happens for some windows) - fixed.

Thursday April 30th 2009

Some of the windows don't show in Windows 98. The spin controls don't show up in Windows 95 - fixed.

Minor glitches in the user interface - e.g. check boxes shown which should be hidden because they aren't relevant to the current selections.

Accessibility bug - for screen reader users or those who use the keyboard instead of the mouse - if you use the button to play an arpeggio using the currently highlighted CSound instrument, then the Csound INstruments window loses the keyboard focus. You need to use Alt Tab to get back to the window to stop the sound - fixed.

Fixed some bugs in the tab order, and made some of the text in the window tab-able which helps with navigation for screen reader users - if you read it in a screen reader then now you can read the text in its proper order rather than all at once. Example, the text "Counting in threes" in the main window is now a text control you can tab to and is in the tab order just before the controls it applies to, i.e. the 6/8, 9/8 and 12/8.

Fixed some duplicate shortcuts - two uses of the same shortcut key in the same window.

Thursday April 16th 2009

The O icon for Organise Windows at top right of all the windows below the I icon was invisible in Windows 95 or Windows 98 - fixed.

A couple of rarely used windows (including the separate Set Tempo window in the no graphics layout duplicating the tempo fields in the main window) couldn't be shown in Windows 98 - fixed.

Some very minor display glitches in the Record to File (Ctrl 11) and Midi File options (Ctrl 12) - fixed.

If you record a rhythm to a midi file with changing tempo switched on, then when you end the recording, the main window tempo has got set to the tempo at the end of the file - instead of resetting to the start tempo as it should - fixed.

Other very minor bugs.

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