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Here I'll add tutorials to help you use Bounce Metronome.
  • I can show you how to make custom rhythms in Bounce Metronome.
  • Or show you how to find and use some of the features.

These will be in the form of demo videos of Bounce Metronome in use so you can see exactly what to do and where to go.

If you need any help of that sort be sure to contact me at, to suggest a topic for a tutorial or demo.

See also : Bounce Metronome Tutorials and Demos on youtube (all the youtube videos from this page in one playlist) and Bounce for Mac Tutorials on Youtube


How to Unlock Bounce Metronome

Some of the many ways you can make rhythms in Bounce Metronome Pro

Beat boxing preset in Bounce Metronome as a quick way to set instruments for beats in rhythms HD

More ways you can make rhythms in Bounce Metronome Pro

Parts, Windows, and Adjusting Beats in Bounce Metronome

Bounce: Making the windows larger, bounce synchronization, skins, and working with projects

Accent and Volume Curves in Tune Smithy

How to set up Bounce so that each part plays a different channel - for export to a DAW

The windows you need to use here are the Parts window (keyboard shortcut Ctrl + 9), and the Midi Out Channels window (Ctrl + 60).

You need to go to Advanced mode and then to More Windows and Options in the menus to set the channels for each part.

And for melodic instruments need to go to Instr - Add melodic instruments if you don't have them yet.

Then - just use the Chann = Part button in the Midi Output Channels for Parts window (Ctrl + 60) and select a melodic instrument for each part in the parts window (Ctrl + 9).

To export to Midi use the Midi File Options window (Ctrl + 12)

When you import it into your DAW it probably has an option to read each midi channel to a different track.

If not, use the option in Midi File Options window to output a separate midi file for each part.

The thing is Bounce can't currently export in midi file format 1 which is used for separating out into midi tracks (though it can import that file format) but this is the next best thing.

How to set up Bounce Metronome for Syncopated Drumming Exercises

See: Tutorials/Syncopated drumming exercise

How to convert saved midi files to .WAV

See Tutorials/Midi to Wav

How to set up Bounce Metronome to play several melodic sequences simultaneously

This is for melodic patterns that repeat over and over - rather than fractal tunes.

See Tutorials/Melodic cycles

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