Privacy Policy

Postal address:
25 Lincoln Rd
United Kingdom

Telephone: 014401865432977


All e-mail addresses and other personal details are treated as confidential and never shared with any third party. I never see your credit card details at all.

Any fractal tunes, compositions, art work or other material sent to me is treated as confidential - this includes any music or art work that you have made with my programs. Sometimes I need to see music, artwork or other files saved from the programs in order to fix a bug and this also is confidential. I won't share any of this material, unless of course you say that that is what you want me to do.

I use the details you give me only for the purpose for which you provide them.


The credit card numbers for purchases are processed securely by my agents who process the orders - depending on where you buy them this may be PayPal, FastSpring, RegNow, Plimus or eSellerate.

The other details collected during the purchase process include the billing address, and e-mail address the purchaser - and the amount paid for the software - these details are sent to me by my agents for my records. These details are not used unless you ask to be notified or contact me about them e.g. in case of an issue with the order process. I do not share this information with any other party. My agents all have their own privacy policies which are similar to this.

I also archive e-mails sent to me by users of my programs. These are only used to assist with my replies to any later correspondence from the same user.

I also collect aggregate information about visitors to my web sites - for instance about which pages on the web site are most visited, and which urls and search terms visitors use to reach the site. I most often use Google Analytics and weblog analyser programs such as awstats. This is done solely to identify issues with the web content (broken links or confusing navigation), and improve the content of the web site.

I use cookies to record session information. These cookies are generated by your browser, and remain on your computer. They ensure that items on the web site can persist for you - for instance that if you add something to a shopping cart, then return to the site later you will find that it is still in your cart - this is the way such things are normally done.

I also use cookies for affiliate tracking so that if you come to this site via a link from a software download site, the affiliate can be properly credited for the sale. Again this is a normal and benign use of cookies.

The e-mail lists are all Opt in. You will only receive any newsletters or announcements if you have opted to receive them. If you have joined an e-mail list and wish to be removed, just reply to the e-mail and say you want to be removed from the list, or contact me at the above address.

If you supply me with your postal address, telephone number, e-mail address or other details on-line you will only receive the information for which you provided me your details.

I do not partner with or have special relationships with any ad server companies.

Upon request (and on verification of their identity) I will provide site visitors with access to all information that I maintain about them. This includes those contact details mentioned above provided by my agents on purchase of the software - and my archive of any e-mails that the visitor has sent to me.

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