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Click on the red or blue notes for the midi recordings. Or click on the name for the audio recording (rendered to audio with the Roland Sound Canvas).

a little light jazz Al Farabi's very septimal dorian Al Farabi's very septimal dorian harmonious alternating three beat fibonacci tonescape beautiful 13 limit harmonic series melody
bedlam comma and septimal comma steps comma clouds comma clouds fast comma clouds tune
comma scale steps contrabass solo in six eight disturbed sleep divisions Elven Riders
Endless double cello sonata movement evolving melody for bass recorder - kalimba evolving starscape fib tscape short beat nearest 13o8 3o2 alt fib tscape short nearest 3 beat 9o8 3o2 7o8alt
fiddle and melodic tom flight flute and harp chords - custom voice polyphony forest pan flutes forest pan flutes2



From Olympos Gamelan-like divisions guitar divisions Hillbilly holiday time
just intonation noodling la folia chords microtonal sea scape piano romance mobile in sine warped seven equal music for a wild polynesian party
Musical Construction Site Pachelbel canon chords Pachelbel canon chords2 Pygmies in the Jungle restful guitar divisions
sitar tune six eight demo Slendro scale with modulo arithmetic seeds square numbers scale steps square steps to 36o13
squaring the fifth quintet squaring the octave quintet steel drums divisions String trio harmonic minor and septimal minor with honky tonk piano tone scape a



treadmill - auto ground seed at layer twelve bar blues chords twenty four square steps to an octave wonderful caucophony


(1 minute ) (4 minutes )

You can play any of these tunes endlessly with Fractal Tune Smithy and by varying the parameters you can make them into new tunes of your own. To find out more, see Tune Smithying.

Most of the tunes can continue endlessly (for all practical purposes). So, in these recordings, they fade out at the end of the clip.

You can send the midi versions of the tunes as musical e-cards.

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