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Download Activity Timer
Extra skins
What is Activity Timer?


Download Text Echo
Extra skins
What is Text Echo?
Echo and edit small web page text fields
Text magnifier or font and colour changer echo
Wild words search and replace
Search and replace folders and sub folders
Replace several terms at once
Make Forwarding Redirects for web site that's moved
Graphical Interface for the Aspell Spell Checker
Editable Clipboard Viewer & Other Features

Purchase Now

You buy all my mini utilities in one go. The ones included so far are: Activity Timer and Text Field Echo. Others are planned to follow.

Purchase on-line, Other order methods, PayPal, Product Levels,

See also, Will my program be hardware locked when I purchase it?

Purchase on line

Purchase Text Field Echo on-line - secure order Click here

Choose the order type, then click Order Now and Continue after that. The order gets processed when you fill in your details and click the Place your Order button on the third page.

Secure order - for details - see the Privacy Statement.

You are welcome to try the process out first, as far as the order page to see how it works. If you have any questions about the order process, or any problems occur, be sure to ask :-).

Purchase Text Field Echo on-line - secure order Buy now - Secure order

You will receive an unlock key code instantly when you complete the order. It is valid for all future releases of Activity Timer.

You use this key to unlock the program you already have - if you haven't downloaded it yet, see Download Now. This means you have the opportunity to evaluate it first and make sure it is suitable for your needs.

When you get the key, choose Unlock in Text Field Echo, and enter the key into the window that pops up. You can use the same unlock key to unlock Activity Timer.


Other order methods:

You can also pay in your own currency, if you are in any of the supported countries. To do that, go to the order page, then in the next page, select either bank/wire transfer, invoice, or giro payment. Global Collect will then send you an invoice in your own currency, which you can pay by your chosen method, after which you will be sent the unlock code.

You can also pay by Telephone or Fax

Alternatively, fill in one of these forms Post, Purchase order

You can also pay in GB pounds and send a cheque directly: Post UK.

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When you use RegNow you get sent the unlock key instantly as soon as you complete the purchase.

If you use PayPal then there will be a short wait to process the order. This may be up to several days on occasion, or possibly even a week or so. It is probably best to contact first, to see if I am available to process your order right away.

SPECIAL NOTE During XMas / New Year the wait may be several days - you may want to contact me first before using this method of payment. You will hear from me eventually, but maybe not until a few days after you place the order.

Robert the Inventor's Mini Utilities

Robert the Inventor's Mini Utilities - Commercial license

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Product levels:

These prices cover all future additions to the mini utilities package - you never need to buy it again.

Current prices are:

$16 Individual user and Home Use. Purchase all of Robert Inventor's mini utilities- for home or personal use only.

$100 Commercial license, You need this to purchase the mini utilities for use by an organisation. It allows use of them on any number of computers belonging to your organisation, and any number of users.

Educational discounts available on request. Also discounts available on request for those on minimum wages, unemployed, students or senior citizens (retirement age).

Generally unless you are sure that it has to be a commercial license, assume that it is okay to use it as a home user. If yours is a small one person type business, especially if it is the type that you run from home, then it is okay to get the home user license.

What you purchase is the unlock key. If anything isn't covered in the help that gets installed with Text Field Echo, then for friendly help contact:

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Download Text Echo
Text Echo Manual
(opens in new window)
What is new in Text Echo
Sorry Text Echo has been withdrawn from sale - see the download page for details




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