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Click on the name for the mp3 (rendered to audio with the Roland Sound Canvas).

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These mp3s were rendered to audio with the Roland Sound Canvas. It has sounds similar to those on the wave table soundcards you get on many computers nowadays.

You can DOWNLOAD your free trial of Tune Smithy to play any of these tunes endlessly - and by varying the parameters you can make them into new tunes of your own. To find out more, see Play & Create Tunes as intricate as Snowflakes - First steps.

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What are Polyrhythms?

These have several rhythms played together, for instance if you clap three beats to a bar, and your friend claps four beats in the same bar, then together you will play a polyrhythm. For more about this with audio clips of polyrhythms see the Metronome for Rhythms and Multi-Beat Polyrhythms

The basic sloth canons in Tune smithy are based on a seed phrase that generates the entire tune. For more about this see Sloth Canons and Seeds and Fractals

These tunes use the Rhythms and Polyrhythms window (Ctrl + 89) in Tune Smithy.

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Mp3s and midi clips

For the midi clips, click on the red or blue notes below. Or click on the name below for the mp3 again.

7 5 4 polyrh [4 mins] african style complex polyrh [4 mins] four against five poly [4 mins] gentle crossing [4 mins] guitar oboe contrabass and perc polyrhythm [4 mins]
guitar polyrhythm [4 mins] Navigating the pacific by stars, wind and waves - polyrhythm version [4 mins] polyrhythm with seed pos incr and rotations inversions etc [4 mins] Polyrhythmic Greensleeves [4 mins] Polyrhythmic Syncopated Greensleeves [4 mins]
Slendro scale polyrhythm [4 mins] vibraphone cv texture [4 mins] wonderful caucophony [4 mins]


(1 minute ) (4 minutes )

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To find out more

Most of the tunes can continue endlessly (for all practical purposes). So, in these recordings, they fade out at the end of the clip.

To find out more, see Tune Smithying.

* Note, some of these clips may not play correctly in your web player, especially if you use Quicktime - seems to be some sort of an issue to do with the exceedingly short notes in them. You may get stuck notes or notes left out altogether They play fine normally on soundcards and synths, and play fine in real time in Tune Smithy. It's mainly an issue with the quicktime embedded player.

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