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Retuning Midi File Player
One of the many features that come as part of Fractal Tune Smithy

You can use Tune Smithy to play midi files that require microtonal re-tuning. Comes with some examples to show its capabilities.

The retuning midi player comes with many examples, all set up ready to play. The appropriate tunings get selected automatically for each one - so you can try them on different instruments or try out other tunings for them or whatever.

You don't need to have any composing experience to play them and try them on different instruments for yourself. You can also use it to play any ordinary twelve tone midi clips e.g. in historical tunings etc, to hear how they would have been retuned in the past for instance before twelve equal was as popular as it is today - which again doesn't require any composition work.

However if you are a composer, or want to try your hand at a bit of music composition, you can also use them as a starting point for retuning your compositions in the same way.

You are expected to compose in another program such as Sibelius, Finale, NoteWorthyComposer etc. You save your tuning in twelve equal - then retune your compositions in Tune Smithy using the retuning midi player. You can also relay directly from your notation software to Tune Smithy via a "virtual midi cable" which lets you hear the composition as you work on it.

Here it is in action retuning one of the example compositions:

Screen shot (doesn't play notes)

For examples of the sort of thing you can do with your own compositions, see the other examples that come with the program, and some of the pieces on my music composition blog page (opens in a new window)

What to do next

Freeware / Shareware status: This feature is shareware.

You are recommended to try out the program first. If you decide to purchase, you need the Midi Save level.

To continue reading about Tune Smithy, go on to the Microtonal Scales and Tunings

To find this feature after you download Tune Smithy:
Look in the Tune Smithy Tasks window for:Music kbd Retuning

To download the program and take it for a Test drive (start the test drive at any time):

Download Tune Smithy



The program comes with a Free Test drive with all the features completely unlocked (start the test drive at any time):

Download Tune Smithy


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To find this feature:
look in the
Tune Smithy Tasks window for:
Retuning Midi Player

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