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Download Your Free Test Drive of Lissajous 3D
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Lissajous 3D Screen Saver


Download Your Free Test Drive of Virtual Flower
What is Virtual Flower?

Lissajous 3D Screen Saver

Get Lissajous 3D to show these beautiful animations as a screensaver on your desktop. They are based on the Lissajous and Spirograph patterns taken into 3D.

Download your Free Test Drive of Lissajous 3D!

Here is a clip from the screen saver

You can set the screen saver to choose patterns at random from, or just show a particular pattern for as long as it runs.

This shows some of the patterns that come with the program. You can also make your own patterns and play those in the screen saver as well.

Download your Free Test Drive of Lissajous 3D!

You can also add your own artwork or photos as textures for the patterns. Here is another Youtube video to show what it is like with textures:

See also the Textures page which has some more clips of screen saver animations for the textured patterns. For some of the other patterns that come with the program, which you can use with the screensaver, explore the rest of this web site.

Download your Free Test Drive of Lissajous 3D!

For an overview of many of the patterns that come with the screensaver see: More movies of Lissajous patterns and spirographs. (opens in new window). Or for screen shots see the Lissajous 3D Random Slide Show.

Freeware / Shareware status: This feature is shareware.

It comes with a Free Test drive with all the features unlocked for the duration of the test drive.

The screen saver shows a reminder briefly when it starts with the number of days left in the test drive and has a button at top of the screen saver you can use to purchase or unlock it. That's not intended as a feature restriction. It's just to help newbies (since the screensaver has no menu to put them into) and you can hide them from the Configure option for the screen saver.

To get the screen saver, download and install Lissajous 3D.

Download your Free Test Drive of Lissajous 3D!

Download Lissajous 3D

Screen saver music

To find this feature in Lissajous 3D, right click on the Lissajous 3D Screen Saver icon on your desktop and choose Configure then go to Music Options...

You can play any of your own mp3s or CD tracks. The preset music consists of recordings of fractal tunes made with Fractal Tune Smithy.

There's also an option to play a random music track in any folder, or a random track selected from whichever CD is currently in your CD drive.

You can also play a play list of tunes (in asx, m2u or m3u format) e.g. saved from Media Player - or again, a random selection of play lists from any folder.

Also as a special feature, you can play a new randomly generated fractal tune for each pattern - so most likely, a tune no-one has ever heard before. You need to install FTS to use this feature - then FTS can run in the background playing its music while the screen saver shows the animations.

To get Fractal Tune Smithy to play the music, , download and install Fractal Tune Smithy.

Download Fractal Tune Smithy

Fractal Tune Smithy can be used to play background music for the Lissajous 3D screen saver for free so you don't need to purchase it for this feature.

However it is shareware if you use it to make your own tunes.


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